10 Cheeky Christmas Questions -THE BURNING CROWS

10 Cheeky Christmas Questions -THE BURNING CROWS

The Burning Crows are a 4 piece bravado rock outfit that had quite a spectacular 2012.

Having just completed a UK tour with bar room boogie legends The Quireboys receiving high praise from fans and media alike,  and securing a slot at this years Hard Rock Hell, the Norwich chaps then reached 100% of their pledge music target for their début album due for release in May 2013 which will be recorded at Rockfield Studios; once again working with Nick Brine  (The Darkness/Bruce Springsteen/Oasis).

Home safe and almost dried out from their on the road antics, the charming and debonair Mr Whipz Crow, offered to humour me and the Metalmouth.net gang with his take on my festive fun interview.

What will Santa’s bulging sack hold for you?
Hopefully a new glass eye for Chris. His other one is disgusting and stinks of old cabbage and diesel.

Will you be rocking in your stockings?
Absolutely! Though not transvestite in public, at the weekend you can call us Wendy!

What will you be stuffing this year?
A load of AC/DC albums up Will’s arsee. Less is more when it comes to Bass. He must learn this.

What is your worst Christmas Cracker joke?
“What do you call a good drummer? – Dead.”

Where are you hanging your mistletoe in the hope that someone will kiss you?
We wouldn’t want to put anyone through that… After The Quireboys tour we’re looking slightly worse for wear but we’ll be at a bar somewhere though if there are any takers…

Which one of the band is most likely to dress up as a giant Christmas fairy?
There seems to be a lot of questions pointing to us being cross dressers… How did you know!? Haha! The answer though is quite simply Chris. He has great legs. And wings.

Who is the biggest Ham or drama queen when something goes wrong on stage?
We’re lucky enough to have an incredible tour manager and tech so it’s usually covered pretty well, but once we come off, Lance is the biggest gear snob we’ve ever met.

What’s the best backstage antics of 2012 you can tell Metalmouth about?
There’s too many to mention and not enough we can commit to print! They usually involve a lot of wine and nearly burning venues down though…

What is your favourite memory you have of 2012?
Where do we start? Releasing “Never Had It So Good”, our headline tour of the UK & Ireland , hitting 100% on our Pledge Music campaign, touring with The Quireboys… It’s just been an incredible year all round!

What’s your most embarrassing moment of 2012?
Probably when Will threw up in his own mouth the other night in Bedford then had to go and do the meet and greet stinking of sick… even more than usual.

Keep your eyes peeled on The Burning Crows in 2013, if 2012 is anything to go by, you will be hearing a lot more from these Norwich lads!

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  1. great questions and answers…but the lads are from NORWICH..and that me and many others are proud of….

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