AdamDS Hits BLOODSTOCK 2014: Moderately Moist

AdamDS Hits BLOODSTOCK 2014: Moderately Moist

It’s that time of year again when Team Metalmouth descend upon Catton Hall for a weekend of debauchery and general drunken messes. It was a brilliant mess of a weekend and part one concerns Thursday and Friday.

Were you there? Share your experiences with us at the bottom of the page. We like to hear what your depraved selves have been up to.

bloodstock festival 2014

I’ll save you having to read the usual bollocks, I got on site. I drank wine and I went to check out the almighty Gehtika open the SOPHIE stage in their true ‘spiffing’ fashion. Powering through their set like gentlemen possessed we retired from the SOPHIE tent and wandered back into the Serpent’s Lair to consume some of the ridiculous amount of ciders on offer which ultimately ended up in 3/4 of team metalmouth on the dodgems. And despite our Matt Brady’s best efforts a wall of death never happened (BOOOO!).

Back to the lair once more and more beer was consumed, we ambled on back to our tents with smiles on our faces after one hell of a night.


Waking up Friday morning was a damn sight easier than I was expecting, and after some bad coffee and some bacon it was time for the first band of the day, which is one hell of a slot when no-one else is play at the same time. Goat Leaf opened the new blood stage and despite their best efforts their performance landed completely flat. Their mix of blues and stoner has been simplified to the point it loses any of it’s soul, taking them from being one of the bands I really wanted to see to one of the bands I wanted to get away from. Onwards and upwards they say! To GURT! Damn what a band, mixing old tracks with choice cuts from their new album Horrendosaurus these boys make a considerable racket and in such grace and style. With added vocals from Diesel King’s Mark O’Reagan the band blow away all cobwebs on this here Friday morning!

Back down to the New Blood Stage this time for No Sin Evades His Gaze a band that appear to be stalking me around all the festivals I go to this year. Their blend of deathcore and groove metal is intriguing. With all tracks taken from their newly released Age Of Sedation the band blast through Affinity and Roll Up The Royalty with ease. For a band only on their 4th show they pull out one hell of a tight performance.

On over to the Jager stage to see my brothers in Ten Foot Wizard bring out their stoner groove to Catton Hall. The sun is shining and the atmosphere is filled with a party electricity with tracks like Medicine and Covered In Tits these guys thrill and entertain.

bloodstock festival 2014 6

Back to press for interviews, chats with Brutai, Krokodil and No Sin Evades His Gaze, I get back out into the arena just to catch a couple of tracks by Swedish Melo Death upstarts Deals Death in all their glory. Riff after riff come accompanied by the muscle bound vocal of Olle Ekman, all the muscle left my Editor, Fox, a swooning mess on the floor. Down came the rain, all the rain. Just time time for a brief dash to my tent, to be back out to see controversial booking, Hatebreed take to the main stage. Jamey Jasta’s command of the stage throughout the set left you with no doubts as to why they were there. Despite this Jasta’s repeated requests for the crowd to fist him only left us with laughing fits and running jokes that continued throughout the weekend.

More interviews happen and back out in a mad dash to see one of THE bands of the weekend for me. Dimmu Borgir are running just over half an hour late by the time they hit the main stage. The sound is atrocious and after several false starts frontman Shagrath hits out at the sound guys with an on the mark swipe. Unfortunately these issues left the band with a shorter set than usual but whilst the band were in their groove their pyro laden set was on point and on the mark!

Finishing up the night are the headliners Down a band who have forever been hit or miss with their live show. Unfortunately tonight was a miss, with their usual sludgy sound lacking any of the beef it usually has. Phil Anselmo’s vocals lack their usual punch also. Although I still don’t get the hype around this band, I believe if it weren’t for the Pantera legacy this band would be on the SOPHIE stage which you can’t help but feel they’d be more suitable for.

Off to bed early tonight for tomorrow would bring me EMPEROR! YES!!