AFGRUND – The Age of Dumb

Euro – grinders Afgrund blast back on this, their third full length.

Carrying the torch for Scandinavian grindcore,  this Swedish / Finnish band blast, batter & crush.

With Nasum calling it a day after twenty years at the forefront of the European grindcore scene, they leave a pair of exceptionally difficult, if not impossible, grime / blood encrusted boots to fill.

Afgrund though all for giving it a go, and with Hammerheart releasing ‘The Age Of Dumb’ you get the feeling they might just be up to the task on this their first album with Finnish guitarist Olli Nokalla and Austrian vocalist Armin Schweiger.

The songrwiting & musicianship shows a marked improvement upon their last album, 2009’s ‘Vid Helvetats Grindar’ and in my opinion is up there with the best of  Rotten Sound’s output.

This is a brutal album, a wall of sound designed to tear your head off, swing your bloody corpse around the room and then cheerfully  feed the whole lot into a meat grinder…….. and you’ll let them….. with a big smile on your bleeding, snot covered face.

The infectiousness of songs like “The Carrier” and “The War On Drugs” with their screamed choruses and memorable riffs are guaranteed to worm into your brain while in contrast to the blasting, tracks like “He Who Plants Sorrow,” show a slower, groovier side to the band that I really loved. Like Napalm Death, Afgrund are capable of writing riff upon riff which fall around the listener like confetti. You forget how good they are when they just throw them around with apparent gay abandon, check out the riff at the end of ‘Life And Death Of A Broiler’ – brilliant!

Production is appropriately bass heavy which suits Afgrund’s barrage down to the ground & the 18 tracks fly by in a gnats cock under half an hour.

Schweigers vocals vary between the expected hardcore punk style screams and deeper ‘Black Dahlia..’ style DM and lyrically the album cover should tell you all you need to know – money, greed, poverty and the evils of religion & globalisation all get a look in.

This is a great, solid, teeth smasher of an album and I guarantee if you’re into quality grind you’ll be pressing ‘play’ again as soon as the last track finishes.

Oh yeah… it means ‘abyss’ in case you were wondering.

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