HERMAN FRANK – Right In The Guts

HERMAN FRANK – Right In The Guts

Herman Frank is regarded as being one of the most prestigious German metal guitarists of the past 30 years.


His dynamic compositions with their raging riffs, hooks and intelligent virtuoso solos have graced not only the works of the German cult band Victory, which he founded in the mid-eighties, and its successor group Moon’Doc, but also as a member of the legendary Accept in the early eighties, appearing on a number of important songs on their classic “Restless and Wild and “Balls To the Wallalbums before returning to the band permanently in 2005.

After releasing the critically acclaimed solo debut album “Loyal To None”, Herman Frank is back bringing you a full force, balls out, guitar driven power packed album, seamlessly merging German Teutonic metal with nwobhm influenced vocals to produce a blinder of an album, easily surpassing Accepts efforts from earlier in the year.

From start to finish there are no bad tracks on this guitar laden, power packed offering.  Effortlessly switching from full on guitar driven tracks such as “Roaring Thunder”, “Right In Your Guts”, and “Starlight” through to classic ballads such as “Falling To Pieces” and “Raise Your Hand” proving equally adept at either style with stunning technical guitar work and equally powerful, perfectly controlled vocals from none other than At Vance’s, Rick Altzi.

This album will be remembered as one of Herman Franks best efforts to date. The album is simply stunning, and should form part of any true metal fans musical collection.

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