Bloodstock 2013 New Blood Stage Preview: BLUDGER

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The New Blood Stage exists to provide a platform for the next generation of metal talent to reach a wider audience. From Bloodstock’s very beginning back in 2001 there has been a focus on offering a chance for newcomers – the new blood if you will – to strut their stuff.

The New Blood Stage is an exceptional opportunity for emerging acts to perform in front of Bloodstock’s dedicated audience of metal fans and important music industry figures. Those lucky enough to secure a slot on the New Blood Stage also get to play both Wacken Open Air in Germany and Metal Camp in Slovenia.

Bloodstock’s always supported the next generation of bands and to me it was obvious they needed a platform to show their wares – Bloodstock founder Paul Raymond Gregory


Band Name: Bludger
Band Members: Ansley Prothero :Guitar, Mark Howes: Vocals, Bradie Nixon: Drums, Andy Duckworth : Bass.
Year Formed: 2009
Location: Selby
The Band at Bloodstock most likely to: Have a fight on stage, fall over something and strangle themselves with the mic lead



Give me the ‘Hollywood Film’ version of how the band formed and how you came to be named.

MARK: Bludger is essentially a supergroup, think Velvet Revolver or Them Crooked Vultures only with more beards and less twats. Aynz dominated the scene with his band Jor, whilst simultaneously I was confusing punters with the much lauded Even Flowers Kill, Bradie was growing his dreads before a successful stint in Mishkin, and Andy was biding his time working as a male escort under the ill thought out pseudonym ‘Spunky McSpunk Bucket’ We met at James Hetfield’s bi-monthly vegetarian BBQ and struck up a friendship over a tofu-dog and a can of Cream Soda. After I’d told Lars to stop f**kin trying to steal my Mini Cheddars for the thousandth time (I’d brought them specially because James had alerted us to the fact that only Twiglets would be served via email prior to the event) we realised that there was a mutual appreciation of monster riffs and yelling at racists. ANSLEY: Erm…. OK…. Yeah, basically we picked the name at random from Rodgers Profanosauras. It’s a book we try and live by.

What style of metal do you play?

MARK: Imagine having a happy ending Thai massage alongside Pantera, Meshuggah and Dillinger Escape Plan. ANDY: We’re not really into the whole genre thing… its a load of bullshit, we play metal and that’s it!

What bands would you say your music is ‘for fans of’ ?

ANSLEY: Anything with a bit of balls to it. We pretty much cover most genre’s of metal in our music, at a push I’d say Meshuggah, Will Haven.. bands like Biohazard as well maybe. We’re really into Ion Dissonance as well. BRADIE: Yeah, fans of f*cking balls out riffs, and chugging groovy bits will get what we are about.

How did you get your slot at the Festival?

MARK: I don’t want to talk about it *shudders* ANDY: What? That’s gross man.. I thought you’d been walking a bit funny. ANSLEY: We won Metal 2 The Masses in Selby, it was awesome…

What’s the first thing you did after you found out you had a slot?

MARK: Wiped myself down with a Pampers Baby Wipe and had a Penguin (bar) BRADIE: Phoned my girlfriend in America, was so happy!! Still can’t believe it, its f*cking ace that people are starting to get what we are about and supporting us. We’ve worked so hard this year man!

Which of your tracks do you think will create the biggest wave of headbanging?

MARK: I would imagine ‘That Noise’

Is this the largest event you have played, and what are the nerves like?

MARK: it certainly is for myself, and I don’t really get nervous as I always have in my mind that something will happen and we probably won’t play anyway, this usually lasts until halfway through the opening riff when I think ‘Shit we’re actually doing this..!’ and then it’s too late..!

ANSLEY: I once played bass for Bryan Adams at Wembley, that was pretty big, but it happened by accident, so I don’t think it counts. Yeah, I’ll be nervous, I always get nervous, I’ve got a bit of a reputation for throwing up, hopefully this time it wont be on the crowd, that was gross.

Which band members are likely to have the most incriminating photos after the festival?

MARK: You know actually we’re all pretty well behaved, although I suppose technically it will be mine as I am putting together a portfolio of close up shots of Bradie’s humble winky dressed up in period costumes of historical figures. So far we’ve done Abe Lincoln, Churchill, Lennon and Timmy Mallet. It’s been going pretty well except Timmy Mallet who somehow came out looking like Malcolm X.

Which bands are you most looking forward to seeing?

MARK: Slayer, Earthtone9, Gojira, Beholder, Merciless Terror

ANDY: Lamb Of God, those guys are heros.

ANSLEY: F*cking Anthrax! Legends!

What have been the best moments for you at previous Bloodstock Festivals?

MARK: I’m such a festival wuss I haven’t been before, sorry

What is your current release? Explain a little about it….

ANSLEY: We’ve got an EP out, just 4 tracks, you can download it for FREE from our facebook page. Or grab a free CD from us at shows. We released a little promo video a while back as well. It’s got us a fair amount of shit but also a fair amount of support too. Mark wrote a song about racists called Shitler, and then we got caught up in an EDL protest in Leeds, and Mark got himself thrown in the back of a police van.. it was messy.. so we made a video about it. We like to make music about the stuff we feel passionately about, and sh*t that people need to get fired up about!

MARK: Yeah, that was f*cked up man! F*ck those guys! We’ve had death threats and all sorts about that. What’s cool about it though is that so many people have got behind what we do, its great that there are so many rational thinking metallers out there! BRADIE: We’ve also got an album planned for later this year which is going to melt peoples faces!! Loving writing it right now!!

Lastly, a set clash with a main stage band, give a good reason/threat/sob story as to why fans should come watch you instead…

MARK: We’re up against [band name removed. Ed] so may I refer readers to the second and third Coal Chamber albums. That is all.


Bludger are playing Bloodstock Festival on Sunday 11th August

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Download the latest E.P. here:


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