Bloodstock New Blood Stage Preview – DOOMED

Bloodstock New Blood Stage Preview – DOOMED

With BOA rapidly approaching MetalMouth demanded information from Slovenian Doomed vocalist Mraz Novak, shortly after their performance at Metal Mania festival.

How did you choose your bands name?
It is a personal story and relates to my own health situation 2 years back which luckily ended good and I’m still here.. But back then I was not sure if I will be still alive today and I just thought to myself that I am doomed and that is how I chose the name for the band.

What’s the most difficult thing you encounter as an emerging band, and how have you overcome it?
Breaking through in other countries, definitely. We try to play in foreign countries as much as possible but, it is hard due to the current shitty economy and organizers do not have the money to at least pay for gas if you are a small band. 

How would you describe Doomed ‘s sound?
I would say we have two sides, the old and the new. The older is more simple and primitive, non-melodic side and the new is more melodic and you can definitely hear the progress we’ve made. Basically I would say we play death metal mixed with our other musical influences. 

How did you get to be a part of the festival? (if through Metal to The Masses which area?)
Simon invited us to play at the festival when a local promoter from MetalCamp told him we sold around 170 tickets (which is a huge amount) and that our gig was great with a lot of people there to watch us. And when we got the invitation, we of course replied positively.

What are the nerves like right now? Is this your biggest ever audience/first festival appearance?
To be honest, we are not sure what to expect. We have played venues with 20 people and festivals with something around 500 people (we played on the second stage then). So this is not our first festival experience but, our first Bloodstock experience.

What bands are you most looking forward to seeing at Bloodstock?
Watain, Machine Head, Paradise Lost. Those are my top 3 bands for the festival but, of course there are quite more bands which I love and will be at their show!

Are there any other up and coming bands out there you would recommend keeping an eye on right now?
I would definitely recommend to look out for Noctiferia; Slovenian Industrial metal band. They released a new album; Death Culture in 2010 and it just kills! You can also check them out on Bloodstock 2012!

Do you have any funny stories from your route to Bloodstock (or any previous times that you have been to the festival) that you would like to share with the MetalMouth readers?
This is our first time going there, so it will be interesting I am sure of that.

Are there any messages that you would like to pass on to your fans?
Support the bands you love. Promote them, tell your friends about it, go to their shows and help them in any way you can. It keeps the band alive and helps them being recognized and most of all it keeps the scene alive!

 are playing the Bloodstock Festival on Saturday 11th on the New Blood Stage

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