Bloodstock New Blood Stage Preview – KREPUSKUL

Bloodstock New Blood Stage Preview – KREPUSKUL

As Bloodstock approaches MetalMouth is mainly concentrating on the New Blood Stage artists, with  Transylvanian experimental metal’s Krepuskul up next for a pre festival interview:

How did you choose your bands name?

We are playing experimental metal. That means that the main genre in our music is death and thrash metal, but we are influenced by many other styles like reggae, swing, jazz but also some Transylvanian sounds. So we wanted a name which can express this duality in our music. That’s why we chose the name Krepuskul.

What’s the most difficult thing you encounter as an emerging band, and how have you overcome it?

We have really hard times getting support from promoters/festivals & gigs organisers. Even if we got a lot of appreciation outside our country, is still hard to find someone who doesn’t always think about the profit and who really wants to help and promote underground bands.

How would you describe Krepuskul‘s sound?

Hmm, we have clean, funny parts mixed with death and thrash metal riffs, so… I think it’s pretty much like a hammer in the face while having a relaxing walk in the park :))))

How did you get to be a part of the festival? (if through Metal to The Masses which area?)

We won the Metal to The Masses contest for Romania.

What are the nerves like right now? Is this your biggest ever audience/first festival appearance?

We are really enthusiastic to be there, it will be our first gig in UK, so we cannot wait for it! We hope that it will be our biggest audience, although we’ve had some big concerts in the 5 years of live activity, opening for bands like Sepultura in Bucharest (RO), Rotting Christ in Italy, but we also played at more than 40-50 festivals with bands like Crematory, Pain, Lake of Tears, Pro-Pain and many other international bands. We also won the Romanian semi-finals of the Local Heroes contest and this November, we’ll play at the world finale in Wien (Austria). In 5 years we’ve had around 170 concerts.

What bands are you most looking forward to seeing at Bloodstock?

The list would be too long to write them all here. We are big fans of Behemoth and Machine Head, but almost everything that is on the line-up deserves all the attention. So we’ll do our best to catch as many bands as we can 🙂

Do you have any funny stories from your route to Bloodstock (or any previous times that you have been to the festival) that you would like to share with the MetalMouth readers?

It’s the first time we ever come to Bloodstock, considering the distance between Romania and UK, but for sure we’ll have funny stories to tell after the festival. So keep an eye on our facebook page,

Are there any messages that you would like to pass on to your fans?

I think is the same message that we are promoting over and over: “”Go to concerts, support your local bands, support underground and support any form of art, because without this support we cannot exist!”


KREPUSKUL are playing the Bloodstock festival on Friday 10th on the New Blood Stage

For more information on Krepuskul check out:



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