Bloodstock New Blood Stage Preview – MERCILESS FAIL

Bloodstock New Blood Stage Preview –  MERCILESS FAIL

As Bloodstock approaches in just 13 sleeps, MetalMouth caught up with Essex metal hybrids, Merciless Fail for a bite sized pre festival interview:

How did you choose your bands name?

Initially the band name was chosen for a thrash side project that two members of the band were involved in. When we formed this band we decided to keep the name and we’ve played under it ever since.

What’s the most difficult thing you encounter as an emerging band, and how have you overcome it?

The most difficult thing we’ve encountered as an emerging band is trying to gain a wider fan base. It’s a very tricky thing to achieve but we’ve tried to promote our shows to the best of our ability and we’ve tried to get our music to as many places as possible.  Also by entering the metal to the masses competition we’ve managed to gain more exposure than ever before.

How would you describe the Merciless Fail sound?

We feel that we play a very unique blend of metal. We try to combine classic metal reminiscent of bands such as Maiden and Priest with modern aggressive elements similar to the styles of Pantera and Machine Head. Our music involves operatic vocals, guitar harmonies and crushing breakdowns.

How did you get to be a part of the festival? (if through Metal to The Masses which area?)

We managed to become part of the festival through Metal to the Masses and we won the competition for the Essex area.

What are the nerves like right now? Is this your biggest ever audience/first festival appearance?

There’s definitely an element of nerves as no one wants to make any mistakes but we are also very excited that we get to show a true heavy metal crowd what we’re all about. It’s going to be our biggest ever audience to date and it is our first major festival appearance.

What bands are you most looking forward to seeing at Bloodstock?

We cannot wait to see Iced Earth, Testament, Machine Head, Alice Cooper and Dio’s Disciples.  It’s a dream line up for any metal head.

Are there any other up and coming bands out there you would recommend keeping an eye on right now?

Through our metal to the masses journey we have managed to check out many bands and we would definitely recommend keeping an eye on some of the other acts playing the New Blood Stage such as The Conflict Within, Wretched Soul, Stormborn, Warhorse and Splintered Soul.

Do you have any funny stories from your route to Bloodstock (or any previous times that you have been to the festival) that you would like to share with the MetalMouth readers?

When playing the Metal to the Masses competition in 2010 our bass player managed to travel all the way to a venue quite far away from where we live and actually forgot his bass guitar. I’m glad we can laugh about that now.

Are there any messages that you would like to pass on to your fans?

Thank you for all of your support so far, it’s been incredible and is greatly appreciated. We’re gonna need you in the pit at Bloodstock.


MERCILESS FAIL are playing the Bloodstock Festival on Saturday 11th on the New Blood Stage

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