Bloodstock New Blood Stage Preview – STORMBORN

Bloodstock New Blood Stage Preview – STORMBORN

With Bloodstock beginning in just 48 hours (OMG!) MetalMouth caught up with Carl and David from Stormborn for a bite sized pre festival chat.

Stormborn Press 2012

How did you choose your bands name?

David Viner:  The bands name was chosen by Andy Felton (drums) he proposed it, we thought it sounded cool.

What’s the most difficult thing you encounter as an emerging band, and how have you overcome it?

David Viner: Finances!! Haha,  finding the money to play, travel, buy/maintain equipment and record are a struggle for every band. We sometimes have problems regarding travel to shows as we are spread out across the UK! 3 of us (Andy , Laurence and Dave)  live in different towns in Kent, 1(Carl) a Londoner and our bassist Steve is from the West Country!

Carl C: I agree with David but I would add to that the fact that the music industry has changed a lot and people, including us musicians, are still trying to find ways to survive and show their music and art to big audiences. Labels are not signing or supporting bands anymore they expect you to do their jobs, which puts zillions of great musicians out of the game mainly because to sustain such an expensive company, you do need a lot of money.

How would you describe Stormborn ‘s sound?

David Viner: NWOBHM with a modern twist. Sticking to our roots but keeping it up to date, if that makes sense?

How did you get to be a part of the festival? (if through Metal to The Masses which area?)

David Viner:  Through Metal to the Masses, we were a part of the London heat of the competition. We’ve met so many cool people and bands through it, MTTM is something really special.

Carl C: I never really believe on those competitions but, I can assure you that what this guys at Metal 2 Masses and Band Quest are doing, is something really really special and they give a real chance to bands to get better connected and eventually better opportunities such as playing Bloodstock Festival.

What are the nerves like right now? Is this your biggest ever audience/first festival appearance?

David Viner: We are all nervous but equally excited. It is an excellent opportunity and should be great fun! This is Stormborn’s biggest show to date.

Carl C: I would take myself out of that pot. I’ve had the chance to play and share stages with the likes of Deep Purple, Roy Z, Gamma Ray, Edguy in the past, so it’s not something entirely new to me. I’m definitely way excited because, first it’s Bloodstock dude, such a great proper Metal festival and I’m proud to be part of it. Second, Stormborn is THE real deal, I know that. The band is totally ready to take over any stage, any crowd, and that is something unique and totally special to me and my friends in the band.

What bands are you most looking forward to seeing at Bloodstock?

David Viner:  Too many! Testament, Alice Cooper, Dio Disciples,  Orange Goblin and our friends from Wretched Soul, Warhorse and Splintered Soul!

Are there any other up and coming bands out there you would recommend keeping an eye on right now?

David Viner:  Wow, yeah there are a few, obviously the bands from the New Blood stage that are playing, Wretched Soul and Splintered Soul are rising through the ranks at a phenomenal rate!  As for other acts that aren’t a part of the festival but are making a name for themselves right now are Achilla, Monument, Maven and Unforeseen Prophecy. Check them out…..and of course us! Hahaha.

Do you have any funny stories from your route to Bloodstock (or any previous times that you have been to the festival) that you would like to share with the MetalMouth readers?

David Viner: This is our first time going to bloodstock and knowing us there will be some kind of muck up along the way!!

Are there any messages that you would like to pass on to your fans?

David Viner:  Thanks for the kind words and we hope to see you on the Saturday. Take care, stay strong and feel free to buy us drinks! 

Carl C: Thank to Simon and Alan for the opportunity. A big thanks to all our friends and supporters, you guys rule!

STORMBORN are playing Bloodstock Festival on Saturday 11th on the New Blood Stage

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