Bloodstock New Blood Stage Preview – WARHORSE

Bloodstock New Blood Stage Preview – WARHORSE

As Bloodstock gets ever closer MetalMouth demanded Progressive metallers,Warhorse, give us a bite sized pre festival interview:

How did you choose your bands name?

In not a very interesting way really!  A couple of the guys were messing around with the word “Warmoth”, as in the guitar custom shop.  A syllable got changed, then changed again and again until “Warmoth” became “Warhorse”, which sounded like a pretty good band name to us.  It’s also a bit of a nod to a couple of the bands that have influenced us.

What’s the most difficult thing you encounter as an emerging band, and how have you overcome it?

Probably a lack of time!  Since Bloodstock was announced, we’ve had to sort out a tonne of stuff.  We had no material recorded or any merchandise, so we’ve had to rearrange our music for an E.P, as well as actually record it, mix it, master it, create artwork, find someone to press and print it and sort out some t-shirts.  Our drum kit needed to be re-set to match the kit at BOA, we had to try and recreate the tones that we’d normally have but on the equipment we’ll be using at the festival and we still needed to keep practicing – we’ve done it though!  It came down to trying to be ruthlessly organised and each member of the band taking on certain responsibilities. 

For example Sanger took control of all of the producing and sound stuff, Winder handled the business stuff (PR, finding pressing, printing companies etc.), Matt sorted out the videos for the site (which will be up VERY soon), Turton was on the music rearranging and management side of things and Rich was left to sort out and re-learn our material on the new drum kit – which anyone who’s seen the kit we normally gig with will understand is a mammoth task.  But yeah – organisation seems to be the key.  That and a very small amount of sleep.  Not very rock n roll, but necessary!

How would you describe Warhorse‘s sound?

This is one we’ve struggled with before.  We’ve taken influence from so many great metal bands – from Dream Theater and Opeth to Slayer, Emperor, Iron Maiden and Megadeth, so you could say there’s a bit of everything in there.  It’s pretty tough to describe.  If you look on our site – over the next few days there should be a video up with some of our music on it.  But if you really want to know how we sound (and you know you do), then you’ll just have to watch us on the Friday!

How did you get to be a part of the festival? (if through Metal to The Masses which area?)

We were playing as a guest band at the Kent finals of Metal to the Masses.  We didn’t realise that we were in with a chance of getting a slot at the festival, so when Simon Hall (who’s running the New Blood stage)  called us out at the end of the night, said that we were “fucking awesome” and that we were going to BOA, we were just ecstatic.  That guy listens to hundreds of bands per month, so when you think about the fact that he gave us the gig purely because he thought we rocked, it really makes us proud.

What are the nerves like right now? Is this your biggest ever audience/first festival appearance?

They’re not too bad actually.  It’s the biggest gig Warhorse have ever played, but we’re all pretty experienced from previous bands and projects so that’s helping to keep the nerves at bay.  That and the fact that we haven’t really had time to get nervous – we’ve been working around the clock to get everything sorted before the festival and there’s only so much that you can worry about.

What bands are you most looking forward to seeing at Bloodstock?

Well we’re looking forward to a lot of the signed bands on the first and second stages, but there’s something really special about seeing a band you’ve never heard before and being completely blown away, so the New Blood Stage will be our hub for the weekend.

Are there any other up and coming bands out there you would recommend keeping an eye on right now?

Wretched Soul!  They won the Metal to the Masses that we were playing as a guest band when we were given our Bloodstock contract – really brilliant music and an excellent show.  Make sure to check them out!

Do you have any funny stories from your route to Bloodstock (or any previous times that you have been to the festival) that you would like to share with the MetalMouth readers?

We’ve been videoing pretty much everything that’s been happening at Warhorse HQ while we’ve been getting ready for the festival, so we’ve got some pretty funny footage – it’ll be trickling onto our site soon so if you want to check it out head over to .

As far as previous years go, in 2005 Winder got a tattoo of Tigger while Within Temptation were playing.  Don’t drink and ink‼

Are there any messages that you would like to pass on to your fans?

Make sure you come and watch us on Friday, add us on Facebook and keep supporting real music‼

WARHORSE are playing the Bloodstock Festival on Friday 10th August.

For more information on Warhorse check out or

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