Bloodstock Festival 2012 Reviews – Niall Scott: FRIDAY Pt 2

Bloodstock Festival 2012 Reviews – Niall Scott: FRIDAY Pt 2


Skarlett Riot Bloodstock Festival 2012

Photo: Niall Scott


Timed perfectly for a little relaxation on the Jaegermeister stage, Skarlett Riot have come to smooth us into an acoustic set that brings out the quality of their musicianship. These are little people with a big sound. Momentarily the heavy shit is banished into recesses as a cosy living groom atmosphere with puppies and pillows is created.

A strong contralto voice she has. Oozing performance charisma that slides down one’s through like a syrupy Jaegerbomb, the blue eyed Skarlett starlet seduces grown men to drool as Danny’s Guitar cuts out and he embraces Skarlett to finish the set without dropping a note. I want to pack these hard rockers in my bag and take them home with me



Sepultura Bloodstock Festival 2012

Photo: Niall Scott

Forget about a quick afternoon tea, its Sepul-fuckin’-tura!!! Smashing my cup and saucer to oblivion by the beast unleashed the Brazilian’s return to the UK and first time (or should I say Kairos, see what I did there?) at Bloodstock.

Gargantuan elephantine drops, charging vocals the most impressive drumming ever, it is everything we would expect from these Giants. ‘Beneath the Remains’ (of my lunch which I was forced to hurl up the moment it kicked in) warms the masses up to the second track from their recent release ‘Kairos’. Vocals as big as Derek’s Green’s arms, Sepultura destroy the main stage, the field, the county, and the entire country. Slow deliberate and winding the set downward to an excrecated damnation in ‘Convicted in Life’, Green is having fun.

My God, he is smiling; all eyes are on him, and the crowd are frenzied into ‘Dialogue’. Joined onstage to belt out ‘Territory’ with Tim Ripper Owens as he warms up to come on with Dio Disciples, a gaping hole has opened up under the thunderous pressure underfoot form the pit moshing its way into ‘Arise’. Wanting to make the show unforgettable, Sepultura do Brazil leaves feeling tribal with Roots Bloody Roots. It is hard to jump, headbang, mosh, and sing at the same time, but this bloodstock crowd prove they are the most multitasking metal heads on the planet.

It comes to an end far too soon. Then Andreas Kisser said something in Brazilian. I think I am now deaf.


pythia Bloodstock Festival 2012

Photo: Niall Scott

Get your Delphic oraculars out; stunning Cornish gothic fantasy vocalist Emily is probably the most beautiful woman on the metal planet. No, universe. I think she may have the best boobs in the business, but her frock is covering it all up.

She is sporting horns, antler type horns that give her the oozing sex appeal of an art deco pagan goddess from afar. Their album ‘The Serpents Curse’ forms the foundation of the set, and it does not disappoint. Speaking of a serpent’s curse, I think my willy has been bewitched. Anyway back to the performance. Pythia are somewhat crowded on the stage but their haunting lyrics and symphonic reverberations restore landscaped spaces back to the stage. The musical pedigree of these inspiring artists is seducing a rewarded crowd having their roots in Descent and the BM outfit Abgott.

With musical skill and Pythia do both metal and classical music proud, with a heritage approach to make Wynterfylleth run away to another land. This is English metal at its finest. The Circle translates perfectly to a live outing, a song that is at home in the castles of Albion as well as the Sophie stage.

After hearing Sarah (Bury her) I went and bought the album.


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  1. if you think emily ovenden’s boobs are nice, you should check out claire’s from edenfall.

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