Cannibal Corpse Return With their 12th Album ‘Torture’ a Cthulu sized album of strangulation, death and, well, Torture.

‘Torture’ drags you through hell (and back) to leave you begging for more at these Goliath’s feet.

Cannibal Corpse. If you’ve ever heard of the metal genre, Cannibal Corpse are a band you by unwritten law must have at least heard of even if you haven’t heard even one song from their mighty list of 12 albums. Always known as a band that just never seem to want to stop, these boys are Death metal Gods if there ever were any.
Now, from my humble perspective I listened to “Evisceration Plague” and felt that my short liking of this band was over. I completely respected what they had done for death metal, how they had inspired some the greatest and heaviest acts knocking about the circuit today but I felt they just weren’t my cup of tea.

Then I listened to “Torture”.

My mind was blown instantly away by “Demented Aggression”, fast and heavy as people have always claimed Cannibal Corpse to be, something before I had never really agreed with. Still holding true to their heritage, George Fisher (Corpsegrinder) throws out his vocals with speed and precision that fit Barrett and O’Brien’s guitars perfectly, mixing in some solid grooves and juicy drums.

Moving onward into “Sarcophagic Frenzy” this album is really opening up, slowing themselves down for the second track, ballsy, but works brilliantly allowing you to really hear the guitar whine and feel the strength put into this album.

This track certainly felt more restrained than “Demented Aggression” but not lacking any of the power or heaviness it feels more formatted and really sets the tone.

Onwards and upwards in terms of speed and heaviness we reach “Scourge of Iron”. This is the song for all the head boppers out there that need constant movement to stay alive, it’s hooks hooky, breakdowns breaky and rhythm packed full of…. Well you get the idea. Nothing bad to say about this song whatsoever, skilfully built up and progressive throughout.

Back to doing what Cannibal Corpse does best, “Encased in Concrete” is a throw back to how Cannibal Corpse made their name, pure solid death metal! Problem is that’s all you can really say about this track, solid death but lacking in melody and performance.  This is re-alliterated by “As Deep as The Knife Will Go”, a great rolling track of pure death and some nice background grooves, the songs high point is the ear pinning guitar solo that brings a smile to this reviewers face!

“Intestinal Crank” opens a hole in your head with some superbly skilled guitar work and brilliant drums from Paul Mazurkiewicz, as we reach the middle of this album I have found my marked favourite! It brings to the imagination some sort of lesson on how to kill your local priest. Should that not be a sufficient way to spend your time you could always be “Followed home then Killed” which is the exact feeling you get with this, I have never read a better track name to explain an album.

 “What’s the new Cannibal Corpse album like?”

“…like being followed home and killed”


Superb track, amazing skill, makes this yet another favorite on the album.

It’s at this point most bands start losing their tempo and having a breather in the album, but not these guys. Tempo may have slowed technical wise, but “The Strangulation Chair” still delivers with a sound as heavy as Livermorium (look it up) and just when they were doing what you expected? A 10 second bass solo! BAM in your face with sweep bass throughout the rest of the riffs making this groove fest another standout track.

And it just keeps coming, death, death, death and more bloody death. I love a band that can sound so heavy and keep delivering the death without fail, and salute “Caged Contorted” as a seminal Death Metal track. This track just makes for even more epic listening as we get hung drawn and quartered throughout this albums 10 megaton delivery.

Here’s what I was expecting and hoping to be proved wrong, “Crucifier Avenged” is lacking in hooks, breakdowns and verses all very expected and it’s the weakest track on the album, which says a lot considering its still a huge song regardless. You just feel they should have done more to keep that amazing song streak going.

Stepping back in the right direction “Rabid” works well riff wise and its hooks certainly have teeth that keep drawing you back, in comparison to “Crucifier Avenged” it’s an awesome track, but certainly not the best on here.

Back to the heaviness for the final track and you’re instantly reminded what it is that makes this album great. Explosive blasts of musical genius and powerful vocals is what makes “Torn Through” a superb farewell.

Overall ‘Torture’ is a hailstorm of pure, unadulterated death. I mean what were you expecting? Singing? Slow pianos? Some guest appearances from Jacoby Shaddix? Well you came to the wrong damn town. This Is Death Metal.


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