CAR BOMB – w^w^^w^w

Five years have passed since Car Bomb released its first full length album “Centrila” (2007 relapse), five years is the length of time it took my hearing to resemble some form of normality and five seconds is the length of time it takes for Car bomb to vociferously destroy you with their new release “w^w^^w^w”.

“w^w^^w^w” is the Long Islanders first full length release since parting ways with the Relapse family and for a Self-produced record Car Bomb certainly aren’t afraid of walking the dark metal path without a label behind them.

This is clearly demonstrated with the polyrhythmic and violent opener “The Sentinel” a song that offers a real insight into the aggression and subliminal groove this band have in store for the listener.

As the album progress we are given a taster of Micheal Dafferner gruesome vocal elements, range and what seems to be an occasional struggle to keep up with the sheer technical dexterity of his fellow band members with “w^w^^w^w” shortest ensemble “Auto-Named”. The grind-esque aggression and inharmonious riffs offered in this song don’t give you a chance to really appreciate what is actually happening until the song itself is over.

The Agitated and Jarring riff of “Finish It” cuts through you and Car Bomb really opens up with the sonic punishment. The corrugations between each member and their designated roles really shows a band that can conceal groove within the madness and have their listener hypnotically grooving.

As the album progresses the haze of madness is occasionally lifted and although the relentless mathematician musicians tear through riffs like their lives were balancing on a knife-edge some of the songs become slightly more coherent if not a tad drenched in “d-jent”. But when you’re a band like Car Bomb anything is possible and they even offer their listeners a harmonious cleanly sung chorus’, which for me have an eerily dare I say it “nu-metally” vibe about them but bizarrel, not in a negative light as Car Bomb still manage to decimate you.

For a band that may still be off the GPS radar of some people Car Bomb have shared the stage with some fairly high-profile bands and for the song “Third Revelation” Joseph Duplantier, front man of Gojira, lends a helping hand which really reinforces the fact that Car Bomb are really making an underdog impact among some of the bigger players. The song itself is a poly fanatics dream with punishing drops and a clear demonstration of Elliot Hoffman precise and inordinate blasting.

Micheal Dafferner’s frantic range for the majority of the album is exactly that; insanely frantic. Objectively I should comment on how this affects each song but it’s really something you should hear. He is not necessarily reinventing the wheel but he certainly trying to make amends to it with his range.

The album isn’t without flaws, it can get old quick and on repeat play gets a little bit too much and in parts the production can be a little sharp but Car Bomb formulate music that isn’t necessarily created to be at the top of everyone’s playlist but it is important to explore what they have created, you only have to listen to the song “Crud” to see their mesmeric ingenuity.

To compare Car Bomb to a band or genre would take away something from them being Car Bomb. But, unfortunately hypocrisy has its role and if you are a fan of PsyoPus, Burnt By The Sun, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Botch, all with a drizzle of Meshuggah then it certainly is worth giving some time to this band.

Whilst “w^w^^w^w” is a step up from “Centralia” they are still climbing the evolutionary tree so it will be interesting to see what direction this release takes them.

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