CEMETERY LUST – Orgies Of Abomination

CEMETERY LUST – Orgies Of Abomination

When you clean the plug hole of your bath, you will often find a trail of slimy black filth.

Extreme ‘snuff metal’ specialists Cemetery Orgy have managed to convert that slime into an audible format!


Waiting in a darkened alley way we find a feral gang of  leather clad social outcasts. Along come Slayer, carrying their lovely evil thrash sound on their shoulder, happily head banging away and screaming ‘slaaaaayyyeeerrr’ in a high pitched falsetto voice. From out of the darkness Cemetery Lust strike, making off with half their riffs and leaving an unhealthy dose of bodily fluids about the place.

That’s how it sounds like these guys came up with their sound to me anyway. Opting for a ‘less is more’ production style that embraces old school ideologies really makes this album stand out: everything is raw and real.  This isn’t a well crafted, sculpted piece of audio brutality such as Ageless Oblivion’s Penthos nor is it a modern aggressive chugfest such as Martyr Defiled’s No Hope No MoralityMake no mistake my friends, this is filth.

This is the kind of album that the denim clad crowds will be declaring as “real metal,” although I think you need a healthy sense of humour and to not take any of this too seriously. There’s no great philosophical subjects being debated or analysed here, this is gore to the core. Tracks like Cum On The Cross, Cyborg Sex Machine and Mass Grave Orgy are great examples of the subject matter on display here.

There is an undeniable hook to some of these tracks that is a result of the stripped back, aggressive attitude that fuels them. Ride The Beast ends a little to quickly, but shows that these tracks will leave you wanting more. Malefic Masturbation has a smashing chorus that will take root in your head and leave an oily smear.

Musically these guys all know what their doing, but I cant say I am a fan of the vocal style, but that’s a personal preference rather then a comment on the singer’s ability. Lead work comes straight from the Hanneman/King big book of how to solo and the rhythm section holds up pretty well, never quite dropping the timing but never feeling fake or programmed.

What you have here is a selection of savage prototypical thrash and death tracks for listeners who have a sense of humour and a penchant for classic extreme metal. 

If you’re looking for something old school, under produced and filthy to bang your head too then look no further, this grime encrusted release is all you need!