COLLAPSE – Arms And The Covenant

In your face straight from the opening note. There’s no messing about with these guys, no harmonious melodic build up, no quiet time, just crunching guitar making the sounds they were invented to make, welcome to Arms and the Covenant.

The drumming on this album reminds me of Ramon Herrera ex Fear Factory who I believe to be one of the best Heavy Rock drummers about. The vocals then cut in. The guitars and bass growl with eagerness. This is the start of a ten track ride that you will not want to get off.

First of all, lesson one and the only lesson you need to know when listening to this album is; You need to turn it up. To twelve! This is how Arms Of The Covenant is meant to be listened to; it’s like a message being sent out to say “We have your attention, now you will listen”.

Collapse, the London based 5 piece, and with influences including The Haunted, Devildriver and Carcass, you should know immediately what to expect. The thing is, it still comes as a completely refreshing, original suprise. There is no holding back with this incredibly brutal record, from the title track Arms of the Covenant to track ten, Heartwork it’s just right there. In your face.

This album is what long hair and neck muscles were invented for.

The stand out track for me is number six. Bloodlet is a calming but impressively tough tune, it shows diversity and the full range of talents these guys have. It starts off lulling you into a false sense of security, then Wilkinson kicks in with the vocals, the drumming by Harris again to me is just pure gold and this is where the neck muscles get some exercise. The vocals show the intensity of emotions, and the guitars, well, I can imagine some blood-letting was caused to the guitarists fingers. This track just blew my effin’ mind.

Attrition is the second stand out track. Starting off with a throaty call out “For every breath you’ll never”…. then begins the barrage of bad ass drums; like a sea of rabid zombies coming at ya. But from what I understand, no-one was harmed during the making of this record and no prisoners were taken either. The instruments may have had some damage however, and your ears may never recover.

Throughout this relentless aural assault, I can see why many tastemaker’s have been saying these guys are the future, but, you know, they are already here. Arms And The Covenant is up to date, brash, classic, crushing and polished, all at the same time.

Released on April 1st,following their five track EP Scar the Silence, Arms Of The Covenant is by no means an April Fool joke of an album. This highly anticipated début is likely to hit a few top ten début album lists of 2013, and if it doesn’t, there is definitely something wrong with the reviewer’s stereo.

Get this album, go see them live, look them up, check them out. You want the future of hard hitting metal?

You can go hear the future, now. Right within this top notch début from Collapse.