COSHISH – Firdous

COSHISH – Firdous

This four piece from Mumbai have a great dynamic; a blend of progressive rock instruments mixed with Hindi vocals that is inspiring.

If you do not speak the language then let the music of emotion catch you.

The guitar strength of Gandhi and Sreenivasan is tight; their combined efforts have given them the power to put this record out. A Heavy intro with western style guitaring in Raastey has an impressive feel, with influences from the likes of Tool and Porcupine Tree there to hear. Mangesh’s vocals are haunting with a story to tell. Coshish starts off with a melodic riff that is reminiscent of a pop rock band from the States. It’s a big tune with a familiar sound, a tip of the tongue band (you may realise who it is) until Mangesh Gandhi adds the vocals with two very different tracks one after each other, giving the songs even more diversity.

There are also tracks that offer an alternative to the rockier numbers, like Woh Kho Gaye with its soulful trance-like guitar and drum playing, with the symphonic wailing of lead vocalist Gandhi. Hum Hai Yahim has a blues sound, a more poetic enhancement that with a Clapton-esque gentle guitar which reminds me of It’s Probably Me.

Maya means illusion; and illusions gently caress the tones and moods of this entire record. There is no ear screaming to put a point across until towards the end, where the sounds gets a bit heavier but it’s still rather gentle. Maybe it’s because of the Hindi language, but this record feels very transcendental – a calming feeling opens the mind to more pleasures in the emotions and growth of the music.

On the final track Mukti, the band opt for a purely instrumental approach which is beautiful, light, heavy with so much talent. These four guys are opening doors to something so new, opening our minds and making us think about the music. This powerful album proves to the world of rock that there are no boundaries within music, no rules. Coshish are on some sort of spiritual journey, adding peace of mind to rock music.

Talent is given to those that will use it wisely – and this is one heck of a début record that Coshish have made. They are using their talent wisely indeed.