Deadly Circus Fire – The King And The Bishop

Deadly Circus Fire – The King And The Bishop


This was the single word I uttered once I imported the album into my media player.

Having never heard of the band before, and resorting to my new best friend Wikipedia for a little band information, it would appear that I am an utter luddite, and I should be as fully aware as the rest of the world that this London quartet DEADLY CIRCUS FIRE are due to be the Next Best Thing. Pfft, well we’ll see about that (cracks knuckles and displays the most ‘obstinate bastard critic’ smile possible).

Bugger. What an utter stormer of a debut album.

Much like most bands, DEADLY CIRCUS FIRE are a concoction of  influences, but  boy what a concoction. The band  are a skilfully plucked amalgamation of Tool’s progressive  musical about-faces, with smatterings of old school Mastodon  thunder riffage, Deftones’ soaring melodies, flashes of Mike Patton-esque nuttiness, spots of American Head Charge chunkiness,  and even snippets of Thin Line Emotions era Unjust. However, any old band can take these influences and throw them at the wall to see what sticks.

DSF’s key to success is their song writing, which transcends the usual token method of Xeroxing the sounds of their favourite bands.

The individual songs are intricate but not flabby, the tracks overall are diverse without  devolving into a disjointed sounding album, and the performances from the band are fucking stellar. It’s almost pointless to point out individual tracks for recommendation, as the album works as a free flowing whole (although I’ve already pointed out that I’m obstinate, so I’m gonna say Leviathan). The only slight downer is I feel the band don’t go out on the high that the album started with, and a track reshuffle would have really sent the album home, however this is a small niggle. The whole thing  practically shimmers with pristine production, and on a whole I can’t recommend this storming, storming album highly enough.

Be proud boys, your debut’s an utter killer.

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