deez nuts bout it

Ever since Aussie metalcore pioneers I Killed The Prom Queen split and founding member JJ Peters decided to do something a little different in the form of hardcore / hip hop crossover act Deez Nuts there’s been a sense that when everything clicked, the effect would be truly seismic.

After some considerable line up changes, the last two years has seen the band at their most stable with fellow Aussie Jon Green on bass and Americans Mat Rogers along with Alex Salinger on guitar and drums respectively.

Some seriously hard global touring has seen the group’s stock rise, with more media attention coupled with an ever expanding fan base the thing they really need now is for that difficult third album to up the ante even further.

One of the features of Deez Nuts music is that they always plough their own furrow, they’re leaders, not followers, if people don’t like what they’re saying then that’s just tough.  They also don’t take themselves too seriously and come across like a slightly tongue in cheek but street savvy Biohazard.  Where the Brooklyn giants wrote about guns and gangsters, the guys from down under are more about everyday life, it’s frustrations but its highs too.

So what about ‘Bout It’ , well it kicks off with the title track in pretty uncompromising fashion, all hard core guitars and testosterone fuelled vocals.  You have to hand it to these guys though, where so many fail by not getting that you actually need to be able to have a little melody in the mix here we get it aplenty, this above all else makes you want to jump around like a loon which is kind of the point to this style of music.

Shot After Shot’ bounces along nicely giving bass man Jon a good workout in the process, then ‘Not A Face In The Crowd’ really pushes the accelerator right to the floor.  This is the band at their most brutal and yet still they have that groove that means you’ll not be able to stop your head nodding in approval at the very least.

One of the things that keeps this album fresh is the fact that the tracks are all punk rock short, the longest weighs in at just under three and a half minutes and with the shortest of four bridges coming in at a Napalm Death rivalling four seconds if there is something not quite to your taste it’ll be gone in a flash.  You can almost sense the ramping up of pressure with the stand out ‘Unfuckwithable’ along with last track ‘Band Of Brothers’ seeing things out in true style.  The latter lulling you into a false sense of security with a soft acoustic intro before going full on anthemic.

By lightening things up a little without losing the all important intensity Deez Nuts have made their difficult third album an essential one for hardcore fans and one that’ll happily find a place on the ipod’s of a wider audience too.