From the deepest depths of Italy come Dementia Senex, dragging a ten ton weight of absolute metal with them. Fusing different genres they manage to create a whole sound just for themselves.

Possibly one of the most exciting and musically intuitive releases I’ve heard this year, Heartworm really pulls no punches as far as heavy riffs and great musicianship goes.

The first of only three tracks on this EP-Unscented Walls-comes trudging out of the mist like a giant lumbering behemoth destroying all in its’ wake. Abhorrent and disgustingly heavy this is a song of perfect marriage between brutality and experimentation, both being delivered in absolute spades. It’s plain to see that no stone is left unturned as far as both aspects go and Dementia Senex aren’t about to let the listener go any time soon with various changes in structure and textures of sections to create a completely uncompromising sound right down to the guttural vocals. There are even somewhat melodic sections to be found in the track, a feat not often found in music such as this. Progressive and heavy, sure to be a hit with many.

The pace and aggression stakes are upped in Kairos, expertly blending the heavier and more technical aspects of death metal whilst keeping a firm grip on some sludgier elements every so often. Speed however is key to this track being as it’s only a couple of minutes long and no small amount of awesome.

Sadly we come to the final chapter of this a delve into the depths of heavy metal with the title track Heartworm, soft and quiet is the intro, soft and quiet the rest is not. Descending quickly into heavy aggression and tentative technicality Dementia Senex have crafted an almighty song that will have all heads banging and all feet stomping.

Some may find all that this track has to offer as somewhat overwhelming but if you’re in the mood for something different and unexpected then have a listen below.

Three tracks is all we get, but I can tell you after just those three I want more. Expertly blending different genres that honestly may never have mixed, this is an absolute beast of an EP and should be heard.

Nothing much else to ay really, Heartworm showcases a lot of what metal should stand for: never compromising on sound or genre except for the betterment of the music itself. Dementia Senex have made a cracking EP.