DESECRATION – Cemetery Sickness

DESECRATION – Cemetery Sickness

The legendary ‘Welsh Death Metal Bastards’ Desecration return with the long awaited follow up to 2009’s Forensix.

When Desecration frontman Ollie Jones left UKDM band Amputated, I was incredibly excited by the prospect, because it would free up enough time for him to put together a new Desecration album.

Desecration have returned, and delivered eleven solid tracks of what Desecration do best: old school, perverted and infectiously catchy death metal.

As soon as you hit play its a matter of seconds before the album’s title track comes hurtling out of the speakers like a rabid dog and goes straight for the throat. With crushing drums, razor sharp riffs and ferocious vocals, the guys make it very clear from the offset that they mean business, and once they have sunk their teeth in they refuse to let you out of their grip for the duration of the album.

One glance at the album artwork and you know that this is going to be old school, something which the band very much take pride in. With song titles like “Rotten Brain Extraction”, “Mortuary Debauchery” and “C*nt Full Of Maggots” it’s clear that they are not exactly reinventing the wheel as far as lyrical themes go, and that’s exactly what I love about them. It’s no bullshit death metal, played exactly how it should be.

If you’re a Desecration fan then you know exactly what to expect from them by now, and that’s exactly what you will get here, in some respects its typical Desecration, only much better. These guys are veterans in the scene and know exactly what their strengths are as a band and exploit them with expert consideration.

In one way you could look at it as them not doing anything new and basically doing Desecration by numbers, but that’s really not the case, they have taken everything that makes Desecration awesome; the monstrous riffs, catchy hooks and vocal deliveries that get stuck in your head, and refined it into a solid slab of punishing death metal will no filler, and for my money this formula makes this the band’s finest release to date.

The one thing here that really is a massive step up in my eyes is the production of this album. Over their many releases I have always found that despite the great material on offer, they have never quite had the right production to do the band justice. Live they are always an ultra tight, wrecking ball of a band, but that energy they have has never really been truly represented on their recordings. Thankfully with Cemetery Sickness this is no longer the case. This is the first time I have heard a Desecration album that really captures the ferocity of their live sound.

The drums are thick and stick right out, the guitars are razor sharp and deliciously crunchy, and the vocals are perfectly mixed over the top to make for a brilliant balance. The best way to really describe the production is if you imagine the production sound of Decapitated’s Nihility only with a lot more balls to it then you will be pretty close.

If you are a long time fan then trust me, the wait for a new album has been worth it, they have certainly upped their game and delivered exactly what you have been waiting for and more. If you are new to Desecration then firstly: where have you been? And secondly don’t let that put you off, it’s never too late. So pick this album up, then work backwards and buy the rest of them. You will not regret it.

Desecration really are a national treasure for death metal fans, unquestionably one of the corner stones of British death metal, and this album easily stands tall next to their most influential offerings as the best thing they have accomplished to date.