DESERT STORM / WOLFSHEAD / BONG CAULDRON – The Black Heart, Camden – 24-1-2014

DESERT STORM / WOLFSHEAD / BONG CAULDRON – The Black Heart, Camden – 24-1-2014

Smashing riffs. Super cool grooves. Good old fashioned head banging. Yes – these things are required on a Friday night.

Camden’s Black Heart hosted three of the underground’s best that I’ve heard in a while. Desert Storm brought good company to pulverise the gathering’s senses.

Desert Storm - Horizontal Life

With a name like Bong Cauldron, you just know straight away you are going to get a slab of chunky riffs. They don’t disappoint either. The feedback drenched intro to opener Gauze Rite sets the pace for a set that is a lesson in raw heaviness. These guys are like the best of Sleep and St Vitus rolled into one. The sound is equally matched by the vocals and there is no let up. Pissed Up, Tree Wizard and Gimp Jig round out one of the most powerful sets I’ve had the privilege to witness in a while. Bong Cauldron have a self titled EP out – stream it below and name your price for a download.

The fuzzed up sound of Wolfshead kept the punters in heavy metal Valhalla. The pace was picked up and the in-your-face power of this three piece band was a treat. This is definitely another band to keep an eye out for. They are also offering the song Sword Of Fire for free download on their Bandcamp page:

Headliners Desert Storm look like a band on a mission. The boys from Oxford have honed themselves into a tight unit that takes the groove of Clutch but can deliver the power and aggression of a band like Down. Kicking off with Ol’ Town and Pocketwatch from the Forked Tongues album, the Black Heart was blasted away. Matt Ryan’s vocals are truly mean and with an arsenal of quality musicians aside him there is plenty to like. There is a very cool swagger to their songs; they use the classic blues rock base and cover it with style all their own.

Shadow Of An Eagle and Astral Planes keep up the energy before an absolutely menacing rendition of The Jackal. If this doesn’t get you moving, see a doctor. Chris White on lead guitar was in form with a rhythm section that smashed it for the hour long set.

Check out all these bands any opportunity you get. This was yet another great gig at The Black Heart and another example of the metal talent in this country. Cheers to the guys in Bong Cauldron for having a chat and signing my CD too!