Dishonour The Crown are a name that have already gained a good reputation, despite having only recently come into existence, no live shows and with only two taster tracks online.

The line up may hold some key to this rapid bout of attention as DTC boasts members from Kingsize Blues (Tom ‘Kingsize’ Henessy – vocals), the recently disbanded Romeo Must Die (Ron D – Guitar) and Trenchead (James Oldman – Bass) (the band are currently looking for a full time Drummer) but let there be no doubt, the two online tracks (both included here) well and truly laid down the law and left me with no doubt that when this one dropped, it was likely to be the angriest album in metal history.

Opening track ‘This Cuntry’ sets DTC’s intentions plain and clear. The announcement of the forming of the coalition Government is the underlying vocal here and the band let the mood build, so the violent anticipation rises and after just over a minute, it kicks in.

If ‘Gone to the Dogs’ kicks off like an Iraqi dirty bomb (which it does) then the aftershock is the immense roar of vocalist Tom who sounds like the audible manifestation of frustration and total fury. DTC come at you thick and fast with an astonishingly brutal combination of Thrash and Hardcore. There are a few moments that hark back to the UK scene circa ’01 – ’04, no doubt as a result of members previous bands, and it today’s metal climate it serves as a breath of fresh air. And I dare anyone to not be screaming along “I’m sick of these fucking streets. I’m sick of this fucking place.” by the end of the song.

‘Blood on the Union Flag’ follows immediately with another news report “…and where are the police?” “The Police are hiding.” Is the response, further enhancing the bleak outlook that has already been put across so viciously…and nothing really changes. The song launches with a (frankly) demonic fury and once again the anger penned here is expertly matched by the vocals, switching styles with ease. There’s a slight early Chimeara feel to parts of it but that is by no means a criticism and the beatdown that’s draws us out is simply crushing.

‘No Revoloution’ describes a situation outside the Tory HQ before it all hits the fan again, only this time with more groove. The Hardcore side of things is predominant here and the gang vocal style sing along moments are going to be truly epic live.  Despite the less thrashy elements the song still breaks skulls just as efficiently as its predecessors  and leaves no room for prisoners. And the closing breakdown is AWESOME!

Whatever the focus just was, forget it. ‘Subdivisions’ jumps out and turns that dusty old ‘Dial o’ Fury’ back up to 11 (though they could have just made 10 more furious, couldn’t they?) Combining the  barrage of metal with a seemingly endless onslaught of bile from Tom, this tune literally makes you feel like you’ve been picked up by the throat and thrown through a number of thick walls.

Reaching the end of the EP I’m in a bit of awe at just how full on this really is. I keep repeating myself about it but I can’t help it. I already know that by the end of this final track I’ll be hitting the replay button almost instantly.

Voice of Treason’ is the kind of tune that seems to be the full culmination of what a band is about and what they can do. Here you’re treated to a much wider and intricate range in writing and structure, at points bringing thoughts of JFAC’s latest efforts, and quite frankly, it’s fucking brilliant. My lovely metal-peoples, THIS is my highlight track. The changes in rhythm, and the variety in the vocal performance bring a very different feel with them. Without calming down in any way at all, the track doesn’t quite hold the same level of frustration that all the previous tracks have had. In fact, if anything, it has more of a feel “retribution and punishment” feel to it. That might be an odd way to describe it but that’s what comes to mind when I think about it.

As the last crushing chords come to an end I found myself just sitting in silence, taking in what I had just heard. Quite frankly, this is almost 100% THE angriest album I’ve ever heard. Yes there are plenty of “angry” albums out there that can skin your family in the next room as you listen to them, but this? This permeates those dense, bleak feelings of frustration and resentment that we feel almost every day of our lives as we watch the world around us go to shit. Its subject matter is close to all of us and if you have ever read the paper or watched the news and just felt so enraged at how we the population are mis-treated and mis-guided by those with vested interests, then you’ll know exactly what I mean when you hear it.

With ‘Gone to the Dogs’ I honestly think that Dishonour the Crown have managed to capture the essence of what must surely be a national feeling of utter discontent and contempt with/for those in control, and they have let it out with absolutely biblical levels of fury. The consistent theme of the coalition (puppet show) “Government‘” seems to tap into a part of the psyche that hasn’t been touched since the 70’s/80’s, another time when things in the UK were really going tits up.  That social frustration that has fueled so many musical changes be it pop, punk, rock/metal seems to be present here.

There’s almost a kind of revolutionary feel and there’s no doubt in my mind that this band are coming with a strong social message that anyone and everyone will probably agree with.

These guys are gonna be huge!

‘Gone to the Dogs’ is available now for free download.

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