DOLL – Ragdoll Diaries

DOLL – Ragdoll Diaries

DOLL Ragdoll Diaries punk rock grunge Doll photo

Welcome to the Ragdoll Diaries, the follow up record to Inside the Dollhouse, brought to you all the way from Ottawa, Canada.

Doll are a four piece, fronted by Christina Kasper, who is female, so you might be tempted to skip straightaway to the section where I compare this band to Within Temptation or Paramore… but, thankfully you will not see it. So carry on reading.

They released their début album in 2009, and their new record serves to confirm to the world that they are growing, especially when you look at the amount of records they’ve sold in North America.

Throughout this record Doll hand out some aggressive guitar sounds, accompanied by heavy drum beats, and vocals which change between an occasional Fearsome style, and a much mellower sound. Take nothing away from these guys, they are not here to make up the numbers, and they can be likened to bands such as Hole, Lacuna Coil and the legendary L7.

On of my favourite tracks from the album is FMO. Christina Kasper has very strong vocals, and the repetition of her lyrics on this song really hammers home the words. This is some great stuff to be listening to, and you need to be listening to this loud. In fact, let’s make that a rule; listen to Ragdoll Diaries loudly, as you will not get much from this if you play it on the down-low – you’ll miss out on all the fantastic riffs.

Plastic Lies is another stand out tune, which shows off Doll‘s togetherness as a band. The flowing, screaming vocals are once again impressive, driven along by Nick Richer’s drumming which is in constant motion. Kasper has an impressive and diverse vocal range, which sees her move from angst riddled meanness to a “please feel sorry for me” tone; it works very well. To prove that claim, check out the track below.

Also featuring on the album is a cover of White Wedding (Billy Idol‘s legendary song). Though it’s a cover, this track really does have its place on the album. I know that some people might dislike it, but I think it fits. The band finish up with the ballad Sleeping In The Clouds Of New York City, which again proves the range these guys have, with a laid back groove.

Get ready MetalMouth readers, Doll have a strength in their music that will kick you in the unmentionables, and in some sordid way I am looking forward to more.

I expect this motley crew to grow fast, and to (hopefully) be making more albums soon.