Exclusive: TESSERACT “It can be very hard to sit back and take it all sometimes”

Exclusive: TESSERACT “It can be very hard to sit back and take it all sometimes”

Rumblings and whinings around the internet after vocalist Elliot Colemans surprise departure from TesseracT earlier this year led me to hassle one of my favourite proggy bands repeatedly until they gave me the info I was desperate for.

TesseracT finally gave in after I threatened to run a story saying James Monteith was having a full blown affair with Justin Bieber.

Ok, that last bit wasn’t true.  Or is it….anyway, Bassist Amos Williams was kind enough to spend some time filling me in on what has been happening in Camp Tess, what their plans for the future are, and what colour socks he prefers to wear on Sundays.

Ok, that last bit wasn’t true either. On with the show.

TesseracT with Elliot Coleman 2012Come on then, why did Elliot leave?

The way that TesseracT works, is that we’re all quite autonomous. Each member works on the material in their own studio learning what Acle sends to us and developing the ideas further through our own ‘voices’. We then share these ideas with eachother online, or at Acle‘s studio. Once we’re happy with everything, we get together in the rehearsal studio and see if it works in a live scenario (Which it doesn’t always). With Elliot living in Maryland, in the US, the oneous on independant work became even stronger. It turned out not to be the way that Elliot wanted to work, and so it became difficult for us to be productive. As it was very hard to keep everyone on the same page creatively. We’re still really gutted that he’s no longer part of TesseracT, as he is such a great person to have around. He was such a great addition to the group. But, life is change, it’s a very natural process, so it’s not something that overly worries us. It’s an evolution, not an end. As Dr. Seuss once said: “Don’t cry because it’s over; Smile because it happened”.

How is the search for a new vocalist going? Any possibles?

Yeah, we have a few guys who are really looking like ‘the one’. Some are UK based, some US based. Each guy is unique and full of character, which is very important to us. We’re very aware that whomever we choose will take TesseracT down a very distinct path based on timbre and personality of their voice. Abi (before Dan) was a soulful powerful singer, which gave TesseracT an original vibe, perhaps akin to Spineshank, or even the melodic side of KSE. Then Dan took over, adding a 30STM vibe, even SikTh-esque power. And When Elliot took over, his carefree smooth delicate tone, added an ethereal, Buckley tone, that set TesseracT aside from it’s peers by miles. So, we’re being very careful and mindful of what the new guy will bring to our sound.

How has this affected the band as a whole?

As Elliot was the third official singer, we’re not too stressed about it all, to be honest. We’re just ploughing on, continuing to write and record our next album. If anything we all feel really bad that Elliot had to endure the wrath of the spotty teenage basement troll because of us and Dan’s actions. Poor lad did nothing to deserve the bullshit he received.

What’s happening in the Tess camp musically at the moment? Any new tracks in progress or is everything on hold?

Yeah, we’re nearly at the end of the first stage of writing. So, we’ll soon be on to re-writes and then final take recording. As we take a long time to write new material, the sound has developed somewhat. When we released ‘One’, a few of the tracks were noticably older (at least to our ears). So, the new album should be far more coherant and fluid. And, by the way, the new album will not be called ‘Nepophobia’ (which was a joke), nor will it be called ‘Two’, as that just wouldn’t make any sense. (‘One’ was not called so because it was our first record.) (Ed -Shame that, Two would have kept everyone guessing)

Got any festie appearances lined up?

Recently we cancelled our appearances at Bamboozle in the US, and UKTech-Fest in the UK. Which sucked, as we would have loved to have been a part of those events. However, we do plan to play Euroblast 8 in Germany, during October. So, we’ve kind of got our eyes on the clock at the moment, in so far as we’re needing to find our new vocalist soon, ha. Hopefully next year we’ll be able to hit all the European and North American festivals that we had to miss this year, due to our writing commitments and line up changes.

Amos Williams TesseracT Any plans to grab Dan for live appearances until you find a replacement? Or are all live shows on hiatus?

No, Dan won’t be apart of TesseracT right now, not even just as a fill in role for one tour. We’ll never say never for the future, but his commitments don’t allow for him to take part in any of our endeavours even if we wanted him to. We do still plan to fulfill all live plans ahead, however.

How have fans reacted to another vocalist change?

We’ve been very lucky, as the reaction has been very tempered. Unusually so for the internet in fact. We’ve been really quite disgusted by some of the followers and their attitude over the past 12 months, since Dan chose to leave. Especially as we’re totally blameless, perhaps infact the ‘victims’ of the scenario for lack of a better word. It felt very unfair that we had to deal with all the bullshit. But, that’s the loudest section of the internet I guess, and maybe we should take their ‘rage’ as an example of how much the band means to them. It can be very hard to sit back and take it all some times. We’ll all gained an extra thick skin over the last 12 months as a result. And tend to now see a different perspective on these things. Talk can be cheap, and facebook is free, hey! That’s about as cheap as it comes.

Do you see this as a major setback in the Tess career?

No, not at all. We’ll never be a band that pumps out an album every 12 months, so this ‘down-time’ is just a means for us to focus on writing and recording, as opposed to being interrupted with touring or festivals. In the long run, it will serve as a kind of reboot. We’re restructuring behind the scenes as well as on stage, so the machine that keeps TesseracT running is far more efficient, too. If anything, I’d imagine it would make us stronger.

Finally, what’s planned for the next 12 months?

Within the next 12 months we plan to have the new album finished and released, and to be back on the road touring the world again. Revisiting all the wonderful friends we’ve made, and meeting a tonne of new ones. We have a few tentative plans for some very special shows, which will be awesome if we pull those off, as we feel our scene is somewhat one dimensional, so doing something different will be essential to keep things fresh and alive. So, hopefully we’ll still keep suprising music fans. It feels like there has been a change in music recently and we’re looking to stay apart of that.

I think that just about clears up the most important, need to know questions for the spotty little oiks, and the die hard TesseracT fans alike. So shut your whining, and chuck on some Eden (version One OR Version Two..don’t get me started on that) until Camp Tess rolls out another spotless album for our aural and cerebral pleasure.

P.s. If you still don’t own “One” you can check out the EP trailer below, and then realise you’re a bit stupid for not owning it:


EP “One” , as well as a Special Edition bundle is available from:

EU – http://www.bandstores.co.uk/shop/tesseract/
US – http://www.merchconnectioninc.com/collections/tesseract

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