Conceived in Bristol some point last year, Fall Of The Archetype look to add their name to an increasing list of up and coming tech bands from the UK. The ever growing amorphous blob of “Milton Cleans”, random time signatures and a silly amount of strings is one one that seems to be consuming this little rock of ours at an alarming rate, I for one welcome this.

But it’s always going to be hard to stand out amongst the bodies of the aforementioned blob, can Fall Of The Archetype do such a feat? Let’s see..

First Impressions? Band’s got groove! The first track, ‘Shadow Of A Doubt’ is armed to the teeth with it,  so that’s one box ticked. There’s a real intent to their heaviness, the kind that leads you to believe that these guys are here for a fight, and they’re not backing down. Fair to say, it’s pretty solid, but there’s a certain thing lacking, and more frustratingly, I can’t put my finger on what, but it’s what separates them from the Tesseracts and Sikths of the world.

There’s an aspect where you begin to think that perhaps they’re trying to convey a million ideas at once, which seems to be a plague with tech bands who are just finding their feet, we get you’re good musicians, which in fact they are, but just bring it back a little. It’s like a load of troublesome kids stealing as many sweets as possible from that shop down the road, you know the one. That being said, there’s 2 good points for every bad one, at points, their low-end dirtiness will leave you a quivering mess on the floor, but in the best way possible.

Psynopsis 1 and 2 though is where FOTA shine. When it’s heavy, it makes you want to punch your nan in the face, although I wouldn’t recommend this as it will more than likely be frowned upon, but you get the idea. What’s refreshing is the fact that there’s no reliance on samples, which has also become somewhat of a plague, they have their place just not every second of every song, which unfortunately, a lot of fledgling bands seem to be doing nowadays.

For a first effort, Psynopsis is as solid as they come. FOTA just need to make a few tweaks and all will be good with the world.  There’s sacks full of promise here, and I for one am intrigued to see if hey live up to it.

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  1. I just punched my nan in the face, and can confirm it was indeed frowned upon. Great EP to accompany me to court though.

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