Free Music: Black Metal Compilation from 666 Music

Free Music: Black Metal Compilation from 666 Music

Helvete : Confederacy Of Hatred is a Black Metal compilation. All of the bands featured are either unsigned, or are signed to small underground labels

The idea of this compilation – says the label – is to help the bands gain new fans, so any help spreading the word about them is much appreciated.

There are 200 free copies available each month. After the free copies are gone, there is a nominal fee of £1… or you can wait for the free copies to kick in again the next month.

Or if you’re feeling generous, the Name Your Price option is available! All bands on the compilation are listed below if you want to check them out further.

Ophidian Coil (Serbia)

Capgrass (Argentina)

Krajiny Hmly (Slovakia)

Solar Deity (India)

Nox Aeternum (USA)

Skiddaw (UK)

Nefarious Dusk (UK)

Paimonia (Serbia)

Penumbra (Colombia)

Sercati (Belgium)

Baalberith (UK)

Uburen (Norway)

NyX (Italy)

Chiral (Italy)

Cvinger (Slovenia)

Corruptor Ignis (Gibraltar)