FREE MUSIC: Hammer Smashed Radio Releases Annual Xmas Compilation

FREE MUSIC: Hammer Smashed Radio Releases Annual Xmas Compilation

hammer smashed radio free download compilation

Hammer Smashed Radio, 93.1 FM’s flagship Canadian metal program has released their second annual Xmas Compilation featuring 26 tracks of underground Canadian metal.

“This year we decided to expand the compilation beyond just bands from our scene, which was really fun. Adding in Untimely Demise, Bookakee, Samskaras and Unbreakable Hatred, plus some less extreme though equally punishing bands like Alaskan and Greber, had allowed us to put together a compilation that really showcases the talent and variety of underground metal that Canada has to offer.” comments Hammer Smashed Radio host and Accursed Spawn/Mortor drummer Jay Cross.

Free download:

  1. Insurrection – Prototype
  2. Killitorous – George Costanza’s Father’s Son
  3. Bookakee – Return of the Loving Dead
  4. Accursed Spawn – Clotheshanger Abortion
  5. Samskaras – Consecrate
  6. Deformatory – Dehumanized
  7. Dark Century – Gore on my Snare
  8. Unbreakable Hatred – Religious Intervention
  9. Fuck the Facts – Endless Emptiness
  10. …From the Deep – Labyrinth (Of Melting Thoughts…)
  11. Greber – Fredricton
  12. Alaskan – Inferno
  13. Norlisk – Japetus
  14. Endemise – Nocturne
  15. Untimely Demise – Spiritual Embezzlement
  16. Venator – The Weapon of Fear
  17. Garbage Can – What Are You Waiting For… Christmas?
  18. Fumigation – Craniofacial Duplication
  19. Accursed Creation – Arcane Divide
  20. Outrage A.D. – New Blood
  21. Agony Spawn – Lexie’s Song
  22. Descendant – Speed Run Rudolph
  23. Muffler Crunch – Chickadee
  24. Vyc Vypr – A Hero’s Grave
  25. Criticull – Fifty Shades of Brown
  26. Angry – Regressive

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