FREE MUSIC: STARS AS LIGHTS – As If Time Had Stopped (Post Rock)

FREE MUSIC: STARS AS LIGHTS – As If Time Had Stopped (Post Rock)

All I seem to listen to of recent times is post rock, I’ve no idea if that is because my soul needs soothing or that I just need a break from all the breakdowns, beatdowns and twiddly guitar solos. But this means I’ve got time to explore past the few bands I return to and find something special, something shiny and new. That also means I can scream about it from the rooftops and make others listen too.

So, enough talk of my listening habits and my screaming from rooftops. We have enough complaints already. Stars As Lights are the focus here, this mellow one man Finnish project is enthralling and captivating. I’m on my fifth listen of a stream on YouTube and head over to buy it from their Bandcamp and low and behold it’s free which means I can write more about it here! Not only that but I can throw this chap some money too so he can make more sublime melodies to pleasure my ears.

As If Time Had Stopped is the title of the album in question, a slightly older release by this guy. His newer album To Remember Us In Our Hearts isn’t free but is also worth a buy. This album rewards multiple listens, particularly in the dark with a glass of red wine and some incense.

As If Time Had Stopped by Stars As Lights

Stars As Lights – Facebook/Bandcamp

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