GAPED – The Murderous Inception

GAPED – The Murderous Inception

Thick, oozing, guttural death metal from Newcastle, Australia that sounds like it was conceived in the back room of a grotesque butchers shack.

A bold effort courtesy of the deranged duo Ryan Huthnance (The Seer, Ex-Mortal Sin) who handles all instrumentation, vocals and production and Shane Watts who supplied the lyrics.


Here we have a fantastic example of how technology has changed music and the industry around it irreversibly. Home recording and producing is more feasible then ever before, making it far easier for anyone of a musical nature to record themselves and release their music into the wild of the internet. While this freedom of expression is fantastic, it naturally has its downsides.

Every genre of metal is awash with countless bands and artists wishing to express themselves. In this new landscape, the challenge isn’t just getting your music heard, its getting people to stick with it. One of the many up sides to this freedom of expression is clearly demonstrated with The Murderous Inception. A slab of meaty brutality that was written, engineered and produced by just two men. Two men who manage to sound like an entire orchestra of enraged homicide fetishists. In spite of this, there’s a few double edged cleavers here.

If you want your music to stand out, you have to know how to make it exceptional, and here there is a purity at work which separates this release from many other death metal bands. With fewer cooks to spoil the broth, the vision behind each track is less convoluted and has an organic feel to its progression. This presents the first downside however, for while the tracks are instantly approachable, they also teeter on the edge of predictability.

This duality is threaded throughout the core of this album. Every element of The Murderous Inception is competent, accomplished and engaging. The technical abilities of Ryan Huthnance are something to be highly respected. From the ground up the production is solid, at times echoing the ’90s death metal sound that served bands like Deicide and Cannibal Corpse so well,  but in the main adopting a surgical modern tone that is reminiscent of Aborted and Scar Symmetry. The track Whites Of Your Eyes suits this sound perfectly, where as the following track Realm of Impurity could possibly have benefited from the tighter, modern production.

Every track has a selection of excellent shreddery that is equal parts melodic and malevolent, bowel bothering, guttural vocals that are coherent, confident and down right disturbing thanks to Shane Watts’ disturbing imagery. Intelligent percussion is present throughout the whole album and doesn’t rely on blast beats ad nausea. Perhaps most importantly of all, there is a fantastic talent for writing massive, filthy hooks that embed themselves firmly in the flesh and keep you listening for the next one.The modern nature of some the tracks very occasionally slams into the dated production creating the occasional break from immersion, however these collisions are few and far between and usually assert themselves fairly quickly.

Bleak and merciless brutality that sits competently astride classic and modern death metal.

A must buy for the mass murdering cannibal demographic that raises the bar for anyone who is writing and producing their own music in this genre.