AGNOSTIC FRONT – Camden Underworld 8/8/2012

AGNOSTIC FRONT – Camden Underworld 8/8/2012

So here were are at The Underworld Camden for Agnostic Front in what we hope to be a punktastic night of anti-establishment thrashing.

agnostic front-020 - camden underworld 2012Opening first are Take Offence a Crossover/thrash band from California who straight away open up a pretty awesome set with some fast and heavy riffs that really got the crowd moving, a little bit of work and these guys could destroy it.

Next up the mongaloids, a little too hardcore for my liking but nonetheless a well put together show that unfortunately was lacking in power and any form of desirable hook, whether they had been having a bad day or whatever they certainly lacked the energy to be on stage. They pretty much played waved and left leaving a lot to the imagination.

Agnostic front really show what thirty years experience can give you in terms of making a crowd move, some truly great hardcore punk and even better stage presence. It’s not often you look at a band in The Underworld and think to yourself that they deserve much bigger venues and much bigger crowds. The atmosphere of the room from the moment they came on stage was electrifying and sent chills down your spine at how much they were loved, from start to finish they really blew the place apart. A super tight band that provided some proper music if you haven’t listened to these guys then you’re a fool, get on it now!

All in all a great start and a great ending to the gig, I’ve been scarred for life by Deez Nuts but Agnostic certainly made the night more than worth it.

Take offence 7/10

Mongaloids 5/10

Deez nuts 1/10

Agnostic front 10/10


Live Gig Photos: Copyright Leigh A Van Der Byl

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