GODSTOPPER – Children Are Our Future

GODSTOPPER – Children Are Our Future

Canadian noise rockers have been working hard and blazing a trail for themselves with interesting and engaging music since their inception.

With some sludge metal and alternative sounds thrown in they really do create a sound all of their own that is difficult to place.


A series of discordant notes ring through until chugging guitars and melodic vocals chime in, opening this latest Godstopper release – let the insanity ensue! The first track Andy Boy is an exercise in controlled noise and mayhem, bouncing between ugly notes and unrelentingly powerful harsh vocals.

Toward the middle of the song, creepy whispers lead into a powerful and heavy breakdown (simple but effective) before joining with a faster riff to take us to the end of the track. Noise never sounded so intense. A bass heavy intro brings us into this EP’s longest track Death’s Clothes, which isheavily distorted. Dual melodic vocals lending an almost orchestral feel are also predominant through the intro, as is a simple drum beat accompanying the bass line.

A strong and unfathomably odd guitar solo rings through bringing us to a completely different world, one where Godstopper are comfortable enough to combine simplicity with mind bending weirdness. It’s not psychedelia, it’s a new realm of artistic expression through sound. An Old Photo sees the band take a slightly bare-bones approach that winds in a more melodic route through the use of more dual vocals, before going into a Melvins style noise rock guitar riff.

The vocal work on this EP is very impressive. The competent clean and harsh singing play off of each other to great effect, especially over the riff of An Old Photo. The drumming is incredibly precise too, but then it needs to be against such odd riffs. An Old Photo shifts in tone towards the end, half sounding like a demented children’s rhyme and half a rallying battle cry.

For the final track Godstopper decide to make it heavy, go hard before going home maybe. Young Queen is a chug festival of huge proportions, offset by the vocalist sounding almost like Jim James from My Mourning Jacket over what could be musically considered Neurosis crossed with the MelvinsIt again takes a melodic turn near the end, chugging guitars and almost uplifting vocals juxtaposing one another until similar discordant notes like in Andy Boy ring out.

Godstopper haven’t released any official videos for Children Are Our Future yet so here is Right Up To Heaven from their 2012 release What Matters:

This was interesting listening. Great musicality throughout and artistically speaking, Godstopper are on to a winner. They may never be considered mainstream and unfortunately never reach the dizzying heights of stardom but this is an earnest and intriguing release. 

With a sound all of their own, within a few years Godstopper are likely to be considered stalwarts and heroes in the world of underground artistically driven music. Check out the rest of their back catalogue too – some real gems lie within, like the 2012 album What Matters