GRUESOME STUFF RELISH – Sempiternal Death Grind

GRUESOME STUFF RELISH – Sempiternal Death Grind

gruesome stuff relish cover

The third full length from the bizarrely named Spanish death grinders, Gruesome Stuff Relish really delivers the gory goods.

Love the early nineties Stockholm guitar sound? Like a bit of horror movie worship with your grindcore? You can’t go wrong with a splash of Gruesome Stuff Relish on your er…. metalburger(?).

I’ve known about these Spanish nutters since they appeared on the Split Your Guts split with French band Gronibard & the UK’s own Gorerotted in 2002. Beyond that I hadn’t really paid much attention. However, that’s changed now.

Sempiternal Death Grind has a cracking guitar sound that positively reeks of early Dismember & Entombed and coupled with the eerie, pretty much unintelligible vocals & clear but not over-polished production job, makes this a different listen to the normal grind / death releases I usually lend my ears to.

Subject matter will be close to any true horror fans heart, how can you not love an album when track one is A Date With Fulci. That track kicks off the album with a mish mash of horror samples, (something about a knife in a vagina….. nice) then we’re off with that Dismember worship and a chorus I’ve been humming all day (the Mrs wants to know who ‘this Fulci bird is’ now!)

Elsewhere we have an obvious choice for a cameo on a death /grind album and I can’t believe no one’s thought of it before… Jamie frikkin’ Oliver, just prior to Deadilicious Feast. Brilliant!

The tracks all blast along at a fair old pace but where Gruesome Stuff Relish (what is up with that name??) score is in memorable songs & hooks a plenty. The two tracks named above are prime examples as is the bonkers Became A Zombie & Sex Drugs & Grind – which also showcases some great drumming by Paolo Deodato (yeah…. ok).

This album is a proper nice surprise. These video nasty obsessed Spaniards realise there is more to death metal song writing than mind numbing technicality, not to say the riffing is simplistic, it isn’t but the song writing and overall fun feel make for an enjoyable listen, much like Gorerotted nailed it all those years ago.