GYPSYHAWK – Revelry And Resilience

Gypsyhawk’s sophomore release ‘Revelry and Resilience’, is a stunning modern take on Seventies rock ‘n’ roll!

Drawing from bands such as Thin Lizzy, Lynyrd Skynyrd and the modern Wolfmother. This twin guitar riff attack is something to behold.

Right from the off it becomes obvious that Gypsyhawk are a band that need to be on the 2013 summer festival circuit, much like Black Stone Cherry and Rival Sons their music is made for the sunshine, a real slice of 70’s rock that comes with all the passion and love that the surviving bands of that era don’t seem to have any more.

‘Revelry and Resilience’ marks the bands second full length release and with this, they’ve created a sound that is now overtly and obviously theirs. For me, the stand out performance on this record is the gruff hard rock vocals of singer/bassist, Eric Harris. His bluesy tones adds a dimension to this record that is powerful and passionate, it’s abundantly clear that this is an intensity that comes from a band that truly love what they’re releasing.

The album kicks off with such energy. ‘Hedgeking’ and ‘Frostwyrm’ are stand out tracks, employing every bit of talent these guys can muster. Through to ‘Night Songs From The Desert’ a song that just screams Sabbath! It has taken something from every early metal band. Introspective guitar solos mixed with some low percussion with a serious amount of groove, this is the only slow track on this album, which, is somewhat of a shame really because this is also where the band is destined to excel.

After this track, the momentum of the album seems to pick back up and we’re led into a hall of hooks and riffs. However, it seems somewhere along the line in the mixing of the album, the guitar section seems to have turned their volume down, it doesn’t carry the same punch as the energetic beginnings. Just as you begin to think all hope is gone, out comes ‘State Lines’, a fucking stellar track, it seems to come out of no-where and just drags you in, so much riff power it’s just unreal. This track sounds like a heavier Thin Lizzy, if ever their was a track to dance to, this would be it. I can’t wait to hear this live!

‘Revelry and Resilience’ is a groove laden, riff filled, hook powered…true rock ‘n’ rollers record. It makes you want to drink, it makes you want to dance…it makes you want to get in a soft top and cruise Route 66, and PARTY!!

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