HORD – The Book of Eliot

HORD – The Book of Eliot

The Book of Eliot is the third album from five piece French groove metallers Hord.

Since 2002 they have been smashing their way around the music scene with a willingness to play live anywhere – which has aided the steady growth of their fan base.

In 2010 Hord signed with the independent record label Send The Wood and The Book Of Eliot, the second album written from this home was to come to light in October 2013. How has this record by the five piece Montpelier natives fared?

The groove style guitar riffs make you feel like an incident is about to happen and nothing will save the moment – just like when Death goes after those kids in the Final Destination movies. It’s patient, but deadly. Screams and clean vocals mix it up throughout this record with a heavy bass line accompanied by brutal drumming. Confession is one of the tracks which really shows off the drumming skills of Vincent Barnoval. If he did a fifteen minute drum solo during their live shows, I’d be up for seeing that.

A great heavy melody mixed with their mother twang kicks in with track At The Gate (which you can watch below). This is proof of their tightness and willingness to smash things up. The delicate spoken word at the end of the track adds a quietly sensitive touch to the track. On Collision Course sets off a slow, mood-fueled story with a repetitive beat coming from Barnoval on drums.

Get those neck muscles set to windmill with The Unwaverings – the crunching guitar riffs fill the cauldron, Hadrien Tourrenc and Jonathan Devaux battle it out on vocals – it’s an absolute must listen. If you can handle it that is. Be prepared for a journey, as this tune is the one that has caught the images of its story.

Influences from certain factions like Fear Factory and Sepultura who Hord have toured with in the past have assisted in their evolution. There are senses of KoRn with early nu-metal guitar sound and their French dialect proves a strong addition to each of their songs. 

Listening to The Book Of Eliot is a very enjoyable way to headbang your senses away.