HULL – Legend Of The Swamp Goat 7″ (Single)

HULL – Legend Of The Swamp Goat 7″ (Single)

Brooklyn sludge-meisters Hull return with a one track 7″ single that leaves the listener wanting more – much more.

Groove and melody collide in five minutes of listening pleasure, ripped straight out of the old-school while still sounding like nothing before it.


Sludge with groove; this is the topic of today’s review. Bands such as Crowbar, Eyehategod and countless others have set down the template for modern bands to follow. Heaped in fuzzy tones and swinging rhythms, young bands are forever taking these elements on and adapting their own ideas to find who they are and where they fit musically in the world of metal.

A southern metal intro greets us to the aural pleasures of Hull’s Swamp Goat, its groove setting the tone for the rest of the song to come. Drenched in old-school sensibilities this single track hits hard and hits heavy. Driving riffs give way to a slow and restrained verse complete with four way harmonised vocals, a feat not often heard of as all members other than the drummer take up vocal duties. These become enhanced once the chorus kicks in with somewhat melodic guitars behind them. Being a one track single, Hull want this to be memorable, and with riffs like these they are sure to sick in the mind for quite some time. Swamp Goat picks up the pass towards the end in an almost galloping fashion to bring the listener to a sudden halt leaving them wanting more.

The band haven’t released Swamp Goat on YouTube at the time of writing this, however they do have an official video for their song Beyond The Lightless Sky.

Crafting a memorable sludge metal song can be a challenge, but Hull have managed it. Combining forceful riffs and four way vocals they are making their own unique mark in the sludge world.

Only being one track, and being this good on its own, will make people hungry for more. With any hope Hull will craft more great sludge like this in the near future.