HYPNOTHETICALL – A Farewell To Gravity

HYPNOTHETICALL – A Farewell To Gravity

Hypnotheticall were brought together in 1999 by a group of friends, with the aim of creating technical yet emotional music. They released their first EP, In Need Of A God? in 2002.

A Farewell To Gravity is a complex and sometimes beautiful album, but there’s just something holding me back from actually enjoying it all that much.

I’m not sure what it is, to be completely honest. Perhaps it’s simply just not my thing. Hypnotheticall sound somewhat like prog legends Yes (who I don’t like much) during their calmer tracks, so that might be one problem I’m having with A Farewell To Gravity. Another might be that the tracks don’t really deviate from one main line of focus, so they all sound quite similar. Plus, most of the tracks are rather long. In the space of time that they run for, I’d expect more than what I get – and what I get is quite a flat sounding band pacing through the motions of ‘being progressive’ than actually being enthusiastic about it.

It’s not all bad. There’s a couple of tracks that I quite like; Brainstorming Line is a tightly wound coil ready to explode into action, and sounds like the technical whirl of Blotted Science. When The Kraken Comes has an exceptional chorus which layers fantastic vocal harmonies with gorgeous synths and great guitar riffs. These moments, among others, are what are stopping me slating the album. When the talent of the band shines through the self-indulgence, the tarnish is quickly polished up and the record feels exciting. It’s just too bad that feeling doesn’t ever last for too long.

For example, the title track A Farewell To Gravity is just too bizarre to get a proper grip on, as is the closing track Hiranyaloka. I appreciate the experimental nature of these two songs, I suppose, but they’re just not really all that listenable. A Farewell To Gravity centres around what I think is a marimba, while atmospheric synths swirl around the bass line. It’s just… odd. Hiranyaloka just sounds like it was put into the wrong album, because it bears no relation to any of the preceding music.

The single from the album is the relaxing track Drifting Dreamers. It’s a tad too meandering to my taste, and perhaps a little too poppy. But here it is:

Er, is it just me, or does that song remind anyone else of this Yes track? Particularly that vocal melody in the chorus – and the lyrics?

A Farewell To Gravity is not an awful album.

I just think that it’s a tad forgettable, and given the obvious talent of the band behind the music, this record should have been about a thousand times more gripping than it actually is. I just don’t get it.