Crashing together influences like Black Sabbath, Henry Rollins and Fu Manchu, Mothertone put together tracks like that kid from Toy Story puts together toys. They’re not always pretty. But they have a certain charm.

Coming from Edinburgh, Scotland (which isn’t exactly the most metal place in the UK) Mothertone bring a fresh approach to classic styles and even reference Star Trek in their track Voyager.

A six track EP which clocks in at just under 20 minutes may not seem like a lot of bang for your buck, but it really is: with a cohesive mix of style and attitude, this music shines through.

The first track Got It Memorized screams old school punk. It’s fast; vocals are spat in your face, filling you with an energy that makes you want to get up and throw yourself about like in the ‘good old days’. My favourite track from this EP, Voyager, is filled with nerd gold. Hammering drums lead into sweet, almost bluesy, guitar lines, while quoting ‘Seven of Nine’, ‘The Borg’ and even ‘Captains Log’. This is Star Trek heaven, and quite cleverly executed. There’s a surf rock feel which is almost The Cramps-esque. A headbanging, raucous track that does the theme proud.

Habit is a relatively slow burner, for this EP, but I was really impressed with the vocal work. There’s a real ’70s rock feel coming through. This track gives the same rock revival vibe that Ghost have nailed down, and I’d be happy with an entire album from these guys sounding like this.

B.R.K. starts off slow, then grabs you by the throat. This is THE live track on this release. I can already see the dingy clubs with poster-covered walls, with the people inside losing their nuts. It’s melodic and soaring, but still dirty as hell, pushed forward by assaulting drums while crushing guitar lines bounce through the mix until a devastating bass line hits, marking the beginning of the final track Synchronized. This is a well rounded closer, which brings a feel of everything else this EP has to offer, even adding a doom-tinged Sabbath shade to the proceedings. All of this leaves this release on the high note it deserves.

A promising début for an up-and-coming band, that will build them a strong army of fans to march on with. I’m looking forward to seeing them live and to hearing future music.

Mothertone are here to stay!