Infernal Curse are a black metal group from Argentina that also take on influences from death, thrash and doom.

The 4 track EP The End Upon Us is a bleak recording that sounds like it has risen from the darkest depths of Hades; it’s a gritty and filthy affair.


The End Upon Us is laced in reverb and delays, whether it be the low guttural vocals, the Morbid Angel-esque guitar solos or the off-kilter snare, this creates a very haunting and dark experience when you submerge yourself into the bleak but brutal world of Infernal Curse.

All three tracks are different (the fourth is a cover) and title trackThe End Upon Usstarts off things off fast paced but the tempo changes regularly throughout shifting from powerful blast sections to doom ridden misery. Lascivious Malevolencefollows a similar path but is a far more intense track that its predecessor, faster riffs, bigger grooves but the stand out of the EP isWaters of Phlegethon. 

Again, it’s the similar pattern of Doom, death but the groove of this track really makes it stand out amongst the others, in some ways in reminds me of hell awaits-era Slayer mixed with Celtic Frost but an extremely more brutal version.

Technically, Infernal Curse are not playing extreme metal by numbers here, they have some great dynamics in all their songs and they effortless change the tempo throughout without making it sound disjointed – which is easier said than done.

The End Upon Us is a great EP. If you like the more extreme side to metal then I suggest you check it out, it’s a vicious piece of work.