INGESTED – The Architect of Extinction

INGESTED – The Architect of Extinction

The UK Slam movement is rapidly growing from strength to strength in recent years and Ingested’s third full length release The Architect of Extinction is the perfect demonstration of this. Whatever element of brutal death metal tickles your pickle, be it bowel movement inducing blast beats, harrowing beat downs or down right gnarly guttural vocals, this album has it and ten fold at that.

Manchester five piece Ingested are one of the most prolific UK Death Metal acts of late and their superb talent is getting them the attention that they rightfully deserve. Having The Architect of Extinction mixed by Chris Donaldson who has worked with the mighty Canadians Cryptopsy, this is an album that will undoubtedly see Ingested’s career sky-rocket. The Architect of Extinction has strong undertones of pioneering acts WhiteChapel and Job For A Cowboy whilst slamming just as hard as their influences Despised Icon and Devourment.

The albums opening track “Divine Right of Kings” has such an almighty opening slam that it will make your penis stiffen/your vagina moist (delete as appropriate) before erupting into a beautifully erratic, blast beat obsessed noise fest. With one or two exceptions, this sets the tone for the entire album. With Jay Evans’ deep, guttural vocals taking hold, The Architect Of Extinction is the slam equivalent of ten double espressos and is the perfect album for Monday mornings.

Ingested have mastered the switching of tempos with this stellar release. Strong, game changing tracks such as The Heirs to Mankind’s Atrocities begin at a much slower and intense pace before sky-rocketing back into the album’s insanely fast speed once again. Third track Endless Despondency is a jam-packed brutal delight as it literally has beat downs, riffs and orgasm inducing guttural vocals coming out of its ears. This is a real heavyweight of a song with incredible groove and an epic, solitary slam towards the end.

It’s not just unfathomable amounts of speed and brutality that make The Architect of Extinction such a fantastic listen. Ingested brilliantly showcase their uniqueness and talent as the variety displayed in the album really sets them apart from your standard, brutal death metal band. Track six Penance is a truly beautiful instrumental number with an emotive acoustic opening before transcending into glorious heaviness. Imagine, if you can, an invigorating fusion between Opeth and The Rotted and you have the stunning little delight that is Penance.

The Architect of Extinction is bound to be an instant favourite among all fans of brutal death metal. It is a most intense and thunderous brute of an album with some of the most impressive growls and and gut-erupting blast beats that the band have ever produced.

The album is far too fast to keep up with at points, but that is not in any way a bad thing. Ingested’s level of enthusiasm and energy in this release is absolutely outstanding. The Architect of Extinction is a nothing short of a brilliant listen.

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