Interview: ANTI-CLONE’s Pete Moore “Prostitutes, vomit and cocaine….all the time”

Interview: ANTI-CLONE’s Pete Moore “Prostitutes, vomit and cocaine….all the time”

Anti-Clone have just returned from a triumphant support slot with ragga metal favourites Skindred.

After a stunning set at Peterborough’s Met Lounge Anti-Clone frontman Pete Moore took some time out to have a chat with fellow Lincolnshire based MetalMouth writer Gary Trueman about that tour, the nippy weather and what happens on a tour bus.

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Hello to Pete Moore, lead instrument of all the death and destruction that is Anti-Clone.  How are you?

“I’m good man, but I’m freezing my tits off”

Let’s start with the big question, the European tour with Skindred.  How was that for you?

“It’s hard to really describe in words but it was absolutely amazing.  I don’t really know what to say about it, you have to experience it.  The crowds were phenomenal, every place we played people were just going crazy so for us we thought it was really successful.  The Skindred lads were amazing too, really good to us.  The whole tour was a really big success for us.”

Skindred showing support for another up and coming UK band.

“Yeah, obviously those guys are from the UK as well so them having us on the tour was amazing.  They could have taken anyone out but they took us out.  It was an opportunity which we’re really thankful for and it’s got loads of people abroad seeing what we’ve got here in Lincolnshire”

How did the European audiences differ from the UK audiences?

“We found them a lot more enthusiastic though to be fair it’s hard to differentiate between the UK and over there because depending on where you go in the UK as well people can be absolutely crazy and go off the wall for it.  In Boston in home town shows people can be just the same.  There were places that were a bit slower to warm up than others but Spain for us and also Germany, they were our favourite places on the tour.  Literally from the word go they just went apeshit.  Good times mate”

You’re not single you’ve got a girlfriend so we’re not allowed to ask this question but I’m going to ask it anyway.  From a single band member’s point of view, because you said to me before the tour, ask about the girls, which was the best country?  From a single band members point of view? (laughing)

“I’m just the wrong guy to ask this question.  You’re a bastard (chuckles).  No comment.  You’re not getting anything out of me, Gary”

AC Pete n Gary 1

On another vein.  You’ve had a change of personnel recently, you’ve got a new bass player.

“We do indeed, Davy (Dave Cooper).  Obviously our bass player left due to personal reasons, he wanted to go and do something else and we were left with a kind of a gap.  We drafted in Dave and he’s been absolutely amazing, from all the practices and all the live performances he’s just interacted with the band really well and become part of it.  Hopefully he’s on board for the long haul.”

He seems to have quite a feeling for your style of music, from what we saw on tonight’s show he’s got that drive and passion and willingness to have his face painted in all kinds of weird ways.

“He didn’t really have a choice to be fair.  Getting a new bassist in, especially one that’s been in so many different bands it’s kind of hard to know how they’re going to work with the band but like I said as soon as he integrated he just did it all himself.  He took his own persona on and went with it and it just works

What are we looking at next for Anti-Clone?  Album, more touring?

“Everything was leading up to the big tour, we got that news and everything has been focused on that.  Everything else kind of got dumped by the wayside but we have been writing and we are writing loads of new stuff.  We’re playing some of the new songs in the set now and we’re nearly there.  We’ve got enough for an album now.  There’ll be more writing to see if there’s any more strong stuff that comes out of it.  Hopefully without putting a date on it we’re thinking about an album next year.  There’ll definitely be a tour of some kind and I’m pretty sure it’ll be a UK tour.”

Any festivals in the pipeline?

“There’s stuff in the pipeline but I can’t really say much about it because nothing is written on paper and I don’t want to jinx myself.”

Your girlfriend that we briefly mentioned earlier said she was glad she didn’t come on the European tour because she couldn’t put up with the smell on the tour bus.  What do you get up to on the bus, what music do you play and do you fight over what gets played?

“It kind of depends who’s sat near the boom box.  To be honest it’s mainly eighties on there, not my cup of tea .  The songs of choice are all kind of eighties and cheesy stuff to get away from all the metal after a gig.  Any chance I get I shove on some good stuff.  There’s plenty of drinking goes on, at times it gets lary as you would expect with a load of people in a bus.  It’s genuinely just chill the fuck out as much as possible afterwards.  Not that exciting I know but I’m just being truthful, I don’t know what to say.  Prostitutes and vomit everywhere (laughing), mountains of cocaine. I’m not going to say anything else………..Prostitutes, vomit and cocaine…all the time”

A coy interview with a man in face paint. 

“Horrible sticky face paint and cold sweat.  Just keep an eye on our page, there are things happening but I can’t say too much about anything yet.”


Anti-Clone are set to release a new video shortly, entitled ‘Take This Pill’, check out the second teaser below.


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