Interview: BLACK DOGS: “I’d tattoo my name on Joey Belladonna’s arse!”

Interview: BLACK DOGS: “I’d tattoo my name on Joey Belladonna’s arse!”

Black Dogs are already popping up everywhere, they’re also on track to becoming stalwarts of the metal/ hardcore underground. At Sonisphere Festival we sat down to talk to them about Mortal Kombat, cooking and cheese nuns…

Because what else do you chat to a band about right?

(Point to note: The probably hungover interviewer failed to ask the chaps who they were, schoolboy error but it ‘was’ an immense temperature that day, so unfortunately our transcriber Tom, was unable to figure out who was speaking. Black Dogs almost became Raging Speedhorn. Sorry Black Dogs, for making your voices anonymous!)




Hey guys! Do you wanna give us a brief background on how you guys formed and where you’re from?
Two local bands were coming to an end around the same time and the ones who wanted to carry on just formed together. We were up north, nothing to do – we wanted to to a really raw, aggressive band. So we did that! Bit grim up there, especially in Grimsby.

So you guys are playing later today?
We’ve already played! It was really good. We had a really responsive crowd. The tent was completely full, it was really really good. The biggest show we’ve played so far. All our members ended up in the crowd!

Have you guys dropped an album recently?
Yeah we dropped three a while ago. You can get it on Spotify, or Destroy Everything, our label. Cracking reviews across the board! Metal Hammer, Rock Sound, other reputable journals… (laughs). Yeah we got some good shows from it – we got on the Hatebreed tour, we did Download, Stray From The Path – been busy really!

So you’re planning your next release?
Yeah – we’re coming to a situation where we actually changed from a four-piece to a five-piece and we have a new lead guitarist so we’re getting to writing now, moving to new space. We haven’t got a release planned but we’re definitely writing.

You mentioned a new member – have they altered the dimensions of the band at all?
Yeah – when we fuck up there’s still some music ‘cos someone’s still playing! (laughs). That’s about the only difference.

Aha! So what have you guys got coming up after this?
Just off the back of this we’ve got a headline run and then we’re at Tech-Fest and then we’ve got an all-dayer in Northampton with Devil Sold His Soul. We’ve got other things in the pipeline…

black dogs at Sonisphere 2014

This is a pretty big festival – have you played many others?
We’ve played Download which was pretty good, pretty similar to this – we played Warped tour too. This is a lot bigger than Download – gotta be careful what I say! (laughs).

Coke or Pepsi?

Sonisphere are bringing out a cocktail – what would you name it?
We’ve already got a drink – the Black Dog. Basically you get five shots of tequila, pour it in one glass, it goes black – The Black Dog!

I’ll write it down! So: One Direction or Justin Bieber?

One Direction or Justin Bieber?
Who could we kill first? I’d beat One Direction to death one by one with Justin Bieber’s head! Have you seen Game of Thrones? Just do that to Bieber.

Who in the band would survive longest in a zombie apocalypse? Who has the best survival instinct?
I’ve brought a Coleman two-piece stove that I’m cooking with – got some toilet roll, had a shit in the woods. I did have a three-day old burger though!

Most heavy metal piece of cutlery?
Just cast iron!

Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat?
Oooohhhhhh… Fuckin’ ‘ell. Too hard to choose! Mortal Kombat I think. I spent a lot of time on Street Fighter though, I dunno…Toasty!

What’s your best tour story?
We have a game where we scream at someone when they wake up. Did it to someone the other day, they ended up bleeding all over the hotel wall (laughs)

You heartless bastards!
I know man, we’re horrible! There are other stories… but not for the microphone!

I’ll finish with this – you’ve got all the black dogs, some pirate costumes, maybe…. Jennifer Lawrence, a couple of nuns and some cheese. What happens?
Cheese nun sandwich. With Jennifer Laurence! I don’t wanna decapitate her. She can enjoy the sandwich too. Our new guitarist likes kebabs – he’s getting donner meat tattooed on him. Like a tramp stamp of donner meat.

If you could tattoo anyone at the festival, who could you tattoo and what would you tattoo on them?
I’d tattoo a dick on Barno’s (new guitarist) head then tattoo my name on Joey Belladonna’s arse.


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Transcription: Tom Coles
Interview: Adam Deathstar