INTERVIEW: BLACK MOTH – “We’d get that karaoke started, get Hitler in a spandex suit and make him sing.”

INTERVIEW: BLACK MOTH – “We’d get that karaoke started, get Hitler in a spandex suit and make him sing.”

Just after their set at this year’s Damnation Festival, MetalMouth.Net sat down with Black Moth’s vocalist Jim Swainson and Bassist, Dom McCready to shoot the breeze.

Said breeze ended up being grunge, Black Sabbath, fights at children’s parties and the ghost of Adolf Hitler in spandex.

Post show highs, right?

Black-Moth uk tour

So, how are you guys today?
D: Good, happy. Really enjoyed our show so yeah!
J: I’ve got that sorta post gig high. 

Yeah, you guys have just played. How was it? You played the PHD stage, how was the crowd?
J: It was awesome! It was pretty much packed out for the whole set so it was excellent.
D: Yeah it was full, it went down really really well. Awesome reception so stoked for it. 

Sweet! You guys put out an album in September I believe, how has the reaction been from fans and the like?
J: Yeah, it was excellent. We were on tour pretty much when it came out. It was released in mid September and we were on the road the following week. It was actually the first headline tour that we’d done and we were really pleased with the amount of people who would sing along.
D: They managed to learn the lyrics better than us! It’s insane!

You’ve just played, how’d you go about picking a set for a festival?
D: It’s difficult man! One person likes a song but it doesn’t fit so it gets dropped but we kinda gear it towards the festival. With a festival like Damnation we’ll give it the heaviest shit we think we’ve got. If we’re doing something with a broader appeal like a Leeds Festival or something then we’ll play more of a party set. More of a fun set. It really goes on what we think an audience will dig. 

You said you were on tour straight after the album came out, was that Europe or? Any plans for more tours?
J: Nah, that was UK. We’re going out for another two and a half weeks in Europe soon. 

We’ll move away from Black Moth for a moment, I wanna know the first album’s you ever bought.
D: I don’t know if it was the first album I bought, but my brother who was a bit older than me had a cool music taste. He liked his grunge and stuff ’cause that was what was about at the time. So he got me into the whole grunge thing. I think the first album I ever bought was either Nevermind by Nirvana or the first Foo Fighters album. It was one of those.
J: My answer, my true actual answer is probably Now 28 or 29 on double cassette when I was about 8 or 9. But when I got to my teen years and started buying CD’s my first couple was a real mixed bag I remember going to HMV and coming out with Kyuss’ Muchas Gracias: The Best of Kyuss and Nirvana’s Nevermind. 

So as a guitar player, were Kyuss a reason for you to start playing?
J: They were actually. Kyuss blew my mind as a teenager. It was that transition from being a kid and like just listening to that stuff you’re force fed to listening to something like Kyuss blows your mind. I still remember the first time someone played me Nevermind. I was like what the fuck is that? I remember being a 13-year-old kid sharing a CD walkman listening to Songs for the Deaf by Queens of the Stone Age that came out when I was at secondary school. 

Pick some bands past or present, who would you wanna put Black Moth on tour with?
D: I’d pick Black Sabbath in 1972 and tour with them when they’re really in their prime and stuff.
J: It’s hard to top that. I could never choose between Iggy and the Stooges or Black Sabbath. So I’d pick Iggy and the Stooges. 

This is your chance to promote up and coming bands, have you seen anyone recently that you adore?
D: For me personally ’cause we’re a Leeds band and the Leeds music scene is really strong at the moment and there’s tons of them who are amazing…Bong Caudron, I think those guys are doing something a little bit new and interesting in Doom. I think they’ve got the potential to be massive. 

Finally, Black Moth are employed to play a Children’s party, you’re given clown suits, a couple of litres of vodka and some fireworks. What happens…?
J: Here’s what happens…we make the kids wear the clown suits. Even though they’re massive on them, so all the kids are the clowns. We get ridiculously drunk on the vodka and play a horrible horrible set. The parents shut it down ’cause they fear for their kids health and safety and they think we’re corrupting their kids to Satan. Dave. our bassist. is the drunkest out of everyone. He ends up punching the mum of whoever kids party it is. Right in the face, knocks her out. Dad calls the police, the police turn up they arrest Dave, they question him about assault on a woman and attempted corruption of children. Dave gets convicted and ends up spending two weeks in jail and 4 weeks community service.

That sounds all too familiar, but for you Dom here is another question…Black Moth are locked in a gym locker room, the ghost of Adolf Hitler, some spandex catsuits, some Gin and a karaoke machine. What happens?
D: We’d get that karaoke started, get Hitler in a spandex suit and make him sing, I think he’d do a great drunken rendition of Bruce Springsteen or something like that…it’s too erotic. 

MetalMouth.Net thanks Jim and Dom for their time and hopes they never play a children’s party. Ever. 

Black Moth’s latest release “CONDEMNED TO HOPE” is out now.

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