Melodic death metallers Bloodshot Dawn stopped by for a quick natter at this year’s Bloodstock Festival.

Find out their favourite recent albums, mouth vomit and who they’d swap for Phil Anselmo below.

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Hi guys!
Heya, how’s it going.

If you wanna spin the wheel, it’s question roulette time… 21: What band are you most looking forward to seeing this weekend?
Anthony Ridout: I think for me it’s Blood Red Throne. Really sick death metal band who we played with not so long ago, so looking forward to seeing them again.
Benjamin Ellis: I love Blood Red Throne but for me… I really want to see Decapitated. But they’re playing in an hour so… I might miss their set. I’m really hoping I don’t, ‘cos I fucking love those guys man.
Janne Jaloma: I [want to see] Decapitated – and Aborted tomorrow… and Avatar. Good friends.

14: Are there any embarrassing or funny gig experiences you’d like to share?
AR: I think there’s probably quite a few [laughs] I’m trying to think of the most notable ones… we were playing MetalDays not that long ago, last summer, and our drummer had a bit too much to drink before the show, so he was sorta throwing up in his mouth during the set. He still nailed it so we’ll forget about it, but we’ll try not to repeat that experience too many times…

Very nice…! 20: What albums have you heard recently that you’ve been really impressed by?
AR: I’m trying to think what the most recent thing I heard is… a lot of the stuff I listen to isn’t quite the same genre as us. Some of the more recent stuff… there’s a band called Intervals – that stuff just blows me away, the riffs and stuff – so technical but so melodic, and doesn’t seem over the top even though it’s very hectic.

I really like that stuff where you’re utilising really great musicianship and creating music that’s really easy to listen to. I love that band.

BE: Shade Empire’s latest effort Omega Arcane, it’s really good. Symphonic black metal with a dark edge and a little bit of industrial stuff. Really well written album and I’m getting a lot out of it.
AR: And it’s free!
JJ: I rarely listen to new music, I tend to wait ’til it’s old… then I can just pick it up and listen to it. The most recent good thing I heard is actually a very old album – Burn by Deep Purple! A very good thing, but not a new thing.

30: If you had to swap a member of your band with a member from another band who’s playing this weekend – so they’d be playing the other band’s set, and you’d have a member from theirs playing yours, who would it be and why?
BE: I’d be completely selfish and swap myself out with Vogg from Decapitated, just so I could play with Decapitated for their set. Though we’re also good friends with the guys from Aborted. Switching Josh out for Sven? I think they’d enjoy taking on each other’s roles. Though they’d probably try to fuck up each other’s sets, ‘cos they’re like that.
AR: I’d actually swap out Josh for Olle from Deals Death. So I can admire him walking up and downstage shirtless with all those rippled muscles he has. I’d get a kick outta that.
JJ: I guess I’d like to switch out Ant with Phil Anselmo from Down [laughter]. He does play the bass, it’d be hilarious. He’d be playing out bass and Ant would be playing with Down, being Phil Anselmo… I would love that.

14: Do you have nicknames for each other, and how did they come about.
AR: Ant, ‘cos it’s a short version of my name. Nothing particularly interesting [laughs]. You [pointing to BE] were powerhouse for a while…
BE: That was more a college thing. Don’t really think we’ve got any band nicknames for each other. The ridiculous thing about us is that people get completely wasted way too close to shows… so no nicknames. Maybe we should start doing that now so we can update you next time we see you. But nah, not really.
JJ: He’d be c*ntyface. That’s Ben’s name. I’d remember that.

Easy to remember… 33: Name three items that you must have at a fest.
BE: Toilet paper. It’s the obvious one but er, kinda important. And beer, really. Can’t really go through it without it. Third one… tobacco?
JJ: Toilet paper, beer and lots of money.
AR: That’s the trick answer though. ‘Cos then you can just go buy everything you need.
JJ: I do think my stuff through y’know…

16: Do you party hard at festivals or do you behave yourselves?
AR: Definitely behave ourselves…
BE: I am hanging out of my arse right now. So yeah. We party hard. I started drinking during our set, which was pretty early and didn’t really stop ’til 4am. So yeah, we do. A definite yes. 

What have you guys got lined up for after Bloodstock?
BE: The main thing for us right now is recording our second album which will be mixed very soon and then released on October 26th this year. We’re actually filming a music video for one of the tracks a day after Bloodstock which will be interesting for us and we’ll be releasing singles… we’ll also be going on an album launch tour starting October 24th – got about 10 dates around the UK and Ireland (North and South).

We’ve got a tour in Japan shortly after that in November. All that kinda stuff – we’ll be updating our Facebook and YouTube. Lots of updates and sick videos, studio updates, shredding, blasting, all that good stuff.

Find details of the upcoming album here