INTERVIEW: DEATHSTARS SKINNY DISCO – “Whiplasher wants a picture of a moose backstage at all the venues”

INTERVIEW: DEATHSTARS SKINNY DISCO – “Whiplasher wants a picture of a moose backstage at all the venues”

AdamDS caught up with Skinny Disco of Swedish deathglam legends Deathstars on their recent visit to Manchester, a short but interesting chat brought up the downside of cults, why embracing demons isn’t good for you and asking for a moose on your rider.


Hey man! Thanks for taking the time for a chat, how are you today?
Yeah, I’m splendid. 

So this tour has been rolling since September, it’s almost over now. Has it been fun being on the road again after being stuck in the studio for so long?
Yeah, really it’s something we were looking forward to. Being on the road again after such a long break. It’s a different vibe in the band as well so we’re all really eager to do our best. 

You have four albums now, you have any issues picking a setlist? Any rarities?
No, now we try to switch around the set a little bit more. We’ve rehearsed quite a bit more so we can mix things a little. We have a lot of fans that travel around with us. I think it’s easier, the more songs you have the more you can choose from so you can pick a good set. We also have a few songs that we haven’t played in a while. 

I spoke briefly with Nightmare before the album came out. But how has the reaction been from the fans?
Only positive, I think people were expecting a more outgoing album like Night Electric Night or like that. This is more introvert. But everyone tells me the more time they give it the more it grows on them. So only good so far. 

He told me that the title The Perfect Cult is sarcastic and that it embodies nothingness, numbness and apathy. Is this from personal experiences?
It’s more or less what we always write about, it is the inner conflict. Yeah. We’ve been writing quite a lot of dark stuff and we thought there might be a way out by embracing it. But now it’s really like there is no way out. It is sarcastic because it isn’t perfect. A cult is the most stupid thing there is. So it’s definitely sarcastic. 

With the new album it grows darker as it draws closer to the end, was this a transition from light to dark a conscious choice?
That’s just how we put it together, we put the tracks in an order that felt natural so that’s not how they evolved. 

Moving away from Deathstars slightly, do you remember the first album you brought? My guess would be something by KISS?
It was actually Europe, The Final Countdown. It’s Whiplasher and Nightmare that are more into KISS but for me it was Europe and I’m like two years younger so it was what was around that time. 

Deathstars have shared the stage with some of the biggest names out there, who is left on the hit list?
Nine Inch Nails would be great of course, I love their new album. I would love them, maybe Rob Zombie ’cause they’re great bands.

Last time I saw you guys it was down the road at the arena with Rammstein. I personally believe that you guys thrive in a club rather than an arena, do you prefer clubs or arenas?
I definitely personally like the clubs better, but I can’t deny that it’s fun to play for 20,000 people. So I think they’re separate things. If you play arenas like that you really have to have other stuff, like Rammstein have their fire show. We’d need a full production. 

What is the weirdest thing you guys have ever asked for on your rider? Did you get it?
We never really ask for weird stuff, we usually really need the stuff that is on it. But I know we’ve been discussing this. Whiplasher wants a picture of a moose backstage at all the venues but we’ve never put it on there. I know promoters may not be so happy. 

Finally tour stories…
Most of them I can’t share, not really. What happens on tour stays on tour so the guys would kill me. 

And any final words for your fans?
Yes, Don’t do anything I would do…

Deathstars ‘The Perfect Cult’ is out now via Nuclear Blast

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