Matt Brady had a quick chat with the Exist Immortal guys after their set at UK Tech-Fest 2014.

Read on to find out their dream festival line-up (it’s twisted), what they’d do with a year no-one else had, and who’d win in a fight between Exist Immortal and SikTh.


Hi guys, how’s it going
All: hey!

Is everyone feeling chipper today?
Tom Montgomery: Absolutely dapper.
David Billote: I’d say I’m 90% at the moment.

Question roulette: what’s your first number?
DB: Six. SikTh. [laughter]

Do you party hard at festivals or do you behave like good boys? I have a feeling about the answer.
TM: Normally it’s a roll-up and then bed. But…
DB: Wake up at about 6am… get breakfast ready… have a good wash, brush our teeth.
Meyrick de la Fuente: This is all a load of absolute bollocks, we get absolutely fucking hammered.
DB: I’ve already had to put him to bed…
MF: Better have read me a story.
DB I didn’t have the one with the princesses that he likes, but the one with Tarzan was good.


17: If you were curating your own festival, who would your three headliners be and who would open?
MF: Wiz Khalifa.
DB: We would open the festival.
MF: On the day that Wiz Khalifa was playing.
DB: Definitely gonna get Babymetal in there. They’re sick.
MF: Muse for the Sunday.
TM: The kind of weird shit we listen to…
Kurt Valencia: What if Dragonforce supported Babymetal?
MF: That’d be cool.

Eclectic. 13: Do you have any tracks that you worry about playing live?
MF: The ones that rely heavily on a backing track interlude…
DB: Especially the first one, ‘cos it’s the second time we’ve played it, and the first time, he [Kurt] broke a string. And the backing track went wrong.
KV: Horribly wrong.
TM: Basically it went tits up the first time, but it all went good today. Pretty much every time we go on stage we’re bricking it, because if our backing track goes, it’s all gonna go tits.
MF: We’re going quite hard on stage so the likelihood of something breaking is quite high…


10: You play a few festivals a year and have huge attendance, or tour all the time and it’s hit and miss. Which is it gonna be?
KV: Festivals, easy.
TM: If we had the option to say, hey, this year we’re playing Download, Sonisphere, etc, we’d go to festivals every time! Not exactly gonna get the chance to play [those] crowds all the time!
DB: The way it pans out… tours are hit and miss usually. So we’ll get three days when it’s loads of people, but sometimes it’s just 10 or so. Then we come to a festival there’s loads of people.
TM: So guaranteed attendance would be really cool!

47: What question are you absolutely sick of answering?
DB: “What are your plans for the year?”
MF: Because our answers are always fucking rubbish.
DB: “How did the band start.” Because it’s a very long story, and only two of us know it, and it goes on forever and ever…
TM: He just starts waxing lyrical… each interviewer that asks that gets a different mix, or retelling of our history. Don’t fucking ask me that question [laughs].

How did the band form, then?
TM: Fuck off!


DB: It didn’t form.
KV: We were born in it.
DB: We’re not a band. We’re a conspiracy.


54: Who would win in a fight, Metallica or Slayer?
All: Metallica.

DB: All you need to do is poke Tom Araya and he’d just, y’know. Hop it.
MF: I dunno actually, I reckon Slayer have done more grimy touring than Metallica…
TM: Anyone fighting Metallica would have to deal with Lars, so they’d just top themselves.
MF: I don’t think kamikaze is a legit excuse for losing.

42: Who’s the grumpiest band member, and what’s the last thing they got grumpy about?
TM: Er, before [the last(?)] Tech-Fest we stopped at a Wetherspoons for breakfast, and Meyrick didn’t get his half fried tomato, and he kicked the fuck off.
MF: They didn’t give me my half tomato! And I was in an absolutely horrible mood. I started saying, “where’s my fucking tomato, I paid for this, where is it?”
TM: Did you get it in the end?
MF: No, it turned out they’d run out of tomatoes, so they gave me half a pint of coke instead [laughs].

33: Who would win in a fight: SikTh, or you guys?
All: SikTh.
Pin is a scary motherfucker.
DB: Pin would destroy us all.
KV: Pin could be having a great time and still kill you.
MF: The only one we could beat in a fight is Mikee ‘cos he’s tiny. Apart from that… no. Definitely SikTh.

55: Eco-friendly. How do you balance out touring and your impact on the environment?
KV: We can’t afford to do that!
MF: We travel in one car… here we are.
KV: It’s a petrol car…
TM: We’re so skint, we’re eco-friendly. How’s that.
DB: We only eat one meal a day.
KV: And we put plastic bottles into the recycling. That’s so metal.

Exist Immortal say “recycle, kids.”
DB: Yeah, KIDS. [laughs]

Exist-Immortal-2014 2

30: Have you played any good pranks on each other?
DB: There was a good fraping that happened.
MF: We fraped Kurt. He left the studio and left Facebook open. So we changed all his photos to wise little old Asian guys. Added him to loads of ‘small cock’ groups and stuff…
KV: I was speaking to my girlfriend on chat, and he [Meyrick] suddenly said something horrible [on Facebook]. I realised I left my computer on… oh my God.
MF: He was talking to her the same time as we were talking to her. So his account was saying things that he wasn’t typing.


KV: It was cool. I can restart.
MF: It’s the page that keeps giving. Six months down the line, you’ll be like, “I didn’t like a page about loving massive dicks…”

16: There’s a quantum time rip. One day passes in the real world, you have a whole year to do stuff in. What do you do?
DB: Make money. Fuck bitches.
KV: Drive all the Bentleys in the world.
TM: If that was the case, there’d be nothing much you could do… lift loads of weights and shit? Get powerful?
DB: Put out a killer album.
MF: You could do that yeah, just release it the next day.
DB: Everyone would be like, “wow, you made an album in a day!”

You did say you hated this question but you’ve just had your new album out, Darkness Of An Age and you’re now touring to support that for the rest of the year?
MF: Yeah, basically.
DB: Going all the way up to Scotland.
KV: We’re going to do a few places that are difficult to get to, because of time and stuff… it’s better to do a select run of dates [like that], just focused, right?
TM: It’s practically very difficult to get to in terms of money and time… we’re going all the way to Aberdeen, so we’re tying up lose ends really.
DB: Hopefully going to tour with a few bands on the bill here…
MF: We’ve got some cool stuff to announce, but we’re waiting to be able to announce it really.

Well I look forward to hearing more soon! Exist Immortal, thank you very much.

‘Darkness Of An Age’ is out now.