An interview with rockers Resin at Bloodstock Festival 2014.

The perfect rider, the best acts of the weekend, and Barbie Girl… scroll for more.


resin at bloodstock 2013

If one of you would like to spin the wheel, we’ll see what we’ve got.

23: If you had to write a concept album, what would it be about?
Danny Finch: Death!


You’ve had too much metal this weekend…

13: What do you do to unwind after a gig?
Simon Yarwood: Die, normally. Rest the feet, ‘cos we’re old y’know.
James Botha: I tend to go listen to lots of Clay Aiken, David Hasselhoff… that does the job nicely.

3: What’s your favourite song to play live?

SY: Barbie Girl. Definitely.

SY: It goes down well, doesn’t it?
Mark ‘Chez’ Roseby: So does she.


JB: Serious answer, my favourite song to play live is Burn, it’s our new single. Crowd reaction to it is always fantastic and it’s really good to play too. You put everything into it, you get a lot back from it.
SY: We’re not as sick of that one as we are of the others, basically.

Describe your sound in three words.

SY: Mungey dirty bollocks.
MR: Yeah that works.
MR: Grunge, metal, munch.
JB: Or as the public say, “is that it?”
DF: Giant colostomy explosion.

9: What would you put on your rider if you could get away with it?

SY: A rider.

It’s a good start.

MR: 16 bottles of Jack Daniels, small bottle of coke…
DF: And something for the other lads too?
MR: Yeah, and whatever these guys want.
SY: A large cognac glass filled with green jelly babies.
DF: Sausage and egg McMuffins as well.
JB: Clean white towels.
SY: You fanny.

2: If you were a tribute act, who would you be a tribute act to?

SY: Shall we say it all together? There’s only one band, isn’t there… 1, 2, 3…
All: Alice In Chains.

Good to see you’re all on the same page! 21: What band are you most looking forward to seeing this weekend?

SY: Biohazard for me.
JB: They asked me this question last year… I never know any! I’ve heard of some of them, at least I know Megadeth, ‘cos I kinda grew up around that kinda era. So Megadeth, but I can’t say anything else ‘cos I’d be fucking lying.
SY: Carcass as well.
DF: Fortunately, I’ve already seen Down. Phil Anselmo – legend. And today Hellyeah. Vinnie Paul is one of the reasons I play drums.
SY: Some of the New Blood bands as well. We’ve seen Jonestown, they were really good. No Sin Evades His Gaze, we saw them. There were some awesome acts on the New Blood stage.
MR: Alone With Wolves.
JB: Yeah, we had never heard of them but they were absolutely brilliant.
SY: We tend to spend most of our time at the New Blood stage, ‘cos it’s trying to support the people that are on the way up!

14: Do you have any embarassing or funny gig experiences that you’d like to share?

SY: A few years ago when we were nothing more than a three-piece acoustic open-mic attendee band, Chez fell off a stool backwards ‘cos he was pissed. Now there’s two things Chez can do when he’s pissed. One is roll a cigarette, two is play his guitar. He couldn’t roll a cigarette, and he fell off his stool trying to play his guitar.
MR: Yeah… hand in the air.
JB: Epic fail. I basically had to sing to nothing.
SY: And I can’t even play guitar, so I was playing as loud as I could so you couldn’t hear his.
JB: It’s the one time you wanted to be louder.
SY: Horrible feeling.
DF: At the Metal 2 The Masses Finals backstage, we were loading in. I was helping one of the bands get his stuff off stage. I had this big symbol, had it quite high in the air. So I turn around to say to the bass player “Dave, whatever you do, don’t turn around ‘cos this cymbal is here.” He turned around and cut his nose open on it. It was hilarious, but I felt for him…
SY: That’s why he’s not here today…

6: What’s the best track to listen to to prepare for a gig?

SY: It’s still Barbie Girl.
JB: Nothing has changed.

I’m expecting a set that consists just of Barbie Girl today…

MR: For me, American Head Charge, Never Get Caught.
DF: Any Ministry album. Listen to that, get pumped up. Yeah.
SY: Nah, Barbie Girl.
DF: Yeah, no I’m lying. It’s Barbie Girl.

Just to round off, what are your plans after Bloodstock this year?

SY: Alt-Fest. OH fuck no.

JB: Writing things, is the honest answer. Lots of things. And not Barbie Girl either.
SY: Got a couple of things coming up, recording the new album in Coventry[?] and just having a fucking ball really!