Interview: SOIL’S TIM KING “Our Tour Manager Made A Cocktail Out Of Ryan’s Piss”

Interview: SOIL’S TIM KING “Our Tour Manager Made A Cocktail Out Of Ryan’s Piss”

During their recent visit to the UK, MetalMouth.Net spent some quality time with SoiL bass slinger Tim King to have a chat about Motley Crue, PledgeMusic and tour managers drinking cocktails of vocalist’s piss.

Well, that escalated quickly.

Soil Cover

Hey, welcome back to the UK it’s been too long. How are you today?
Good man, I’m doing great. 

This tour feels like it should have happened years ago man…
Well yeah, but we couldn’t then have called it the Nu Metal revival tour, haha. Just kidding, that’s just kinda what people have been saying. We would have loved to have done this earlier you know. But American Head Charge were on hiatus and Hed P.E. were working on a new record and things like that. So it was perfect timing for us to get together and do it, this one has been doing so well. Most of the shows have either been sold out or packed. Maybe we’ll do a round two with different bands or something…

Hopefully! You said there are only 9 shows left on this run, how have they been for you?
It’s been off the hook, we’ve got 4 bands on 2 buses with only one crew looking after everyone. I mean there’s a lot of work going on. People are busting their ass to make things happen every day. Then we have interviews and we also incorporate a meet and greet so we do that. Plus I co-run a record label, so I wake up in the morning and do that as well as my day here. By the time my day ends with SoiL here it’s still day time in US so I have to continue to work there also. I’m kinda burning the candle at both ends. It’s not easy if you wanna stay in this business. 

It’s been about a year since ‘Whole’ came out, it has a real raw and old school SoiL sound to it. Is this down to having Ryan back in the band or was this an album you and Adam wanted to make?
I think it’s mainly ‘cos you have me, Adam and Ryan back together and this is where the vision of SoiL started. Where we wanted to take things with the band. Naturally with Ryan back it’s naturally gonna sound like old school SoiL. As well as that we didn’t wanna take any precognitions about what we wanted to do with this record. We just wanted to record what came out of the three of us sat in a room after seven years of not playing together and all of this stuff just started flowing out, and going in with producer Ulrich Wild and having Will Hunt on drums was just amazing. He’s one of the best drummers out there, I don’t think that without him on there that the drums would have come out as well as they did. This album in my opinion blows away all of the other SoiL records. 

So you are proud of it then?
Yeah, without a doubt it’s my favourite record by far. It’s the best feeling and best sounding and generally best everything so far. 

So having Ryan back in the band again makes the band feel whole again…well I guess so, ’cause of the album title…
Haha, yeah. That’s a good comment that actually. To be perfectly honest with you…me and Adam have been with this band since day one. We’ve seen every incarnation of this band and been through every up and down of the entire seventeen years we’ve been around. So for me that first show we did with Ryan back in 2011 at the Electric Ballroom? I was trying not to smile the whole time. I had this chill up my spine every time I looked to my left and saw him and heard him sing the songs we wrote together. It felt right again, this is what this band is about and I haven’t stopped feeling that way since. With me, Adam and Ryan the feeling and the attitude is good, it’s positive and energetic. 

It’s been a year since Whole, are you guys writing for something new yet?
No, we don’t even have one riff written or anything else haha! There are a few songs left over from the Whole sessions, naturally, but the record still has some life left in it. We still have more touring to do. We wanna go to some more obscure places that we haven’t been. We hit Europe and the whole of the US and Australia. So we’re probably gonna try and go back to Australia and Asia and the Eastern Bloc of Europe and perhaps back to the UK for a couple of select shows to bring the cycle full circle. Then we’ll think about what we’ll do next. The industry is always changing, you see la lot of these big bands putting out EP’s and touring them and then recording another and going again. We’ll see what the scene dictates by the time we’re ready. It’s gonna be a while. 

With the last album you used Pledgemusic for part of the production, would you use it again?
We only used it to fund the recording of it, the reason being that we didn’t wanna be strapped to an investor or a record label or any outside party telling us how to make this record and have a say in how we wanted to make it. We knew what we wanted to do, but since none of us owned a home studio we decided to get the fans involved where they could get special packages and so on. That was how we were able to complete the record in the way we wanted. It’s a genuine SoiL record with no outside input.

We’d possibly use it again, now that we have this record under our belts and things are in an upward motion we’ll see where we’re at when the time is right. It’s still too early to tell. 

Soil - Whole

So it’s been almost 20 years now, who were the early influences to you and to SoiL?
Yeah, I mean for me personally, bands like Motley Crue. They’re my favourite band, always have been and as far as early influence for me on bass? I always loved Nikki Sixx’s stage presence and Tom Hamilton from Aerosmith ‘cos he was so in the pocket. Dave Ellefson from Megadeth I thought was good player and John Patitucci who was a jazz bassist. He was probably my favourite technical bass player. As for the band, ’cause we all come from different backgrounds our common influences are like Alice In Chains, early Metallica, Aerosmith, Ozzy and Sabbath. The staples of rock. Then we incorporated our other influences into it. Some of us like death metal and some like hair metal. But it all kinda comes together. 

Do you find it easier recording as a band because you draw your influence from other sources so it never ends up sounding like one thing or another.
Yeah, the great thing about SoiL is that for the most part everyone contributes. Especially on this one. The whole thing was just the three of us, our vision, our music, our riffs and Ryan’s lyrics. 

So do you remember the first album you ever bought?
Oh yeah, it was Motley Crue’s Shout At The Devil on gatefold vinyl. That’s what made me love metal and Motley Crue and I’ve been a fan ever since. They’ve taken a lot of money out of my pocket over the years. 

Bands are good at that, so in 3 years time it’ll be 20 years of SoiL. Any thoughts on how you’re gonna celebrate that?
Yeah kinda in the back of my head there’s always something. Maybe, let’s go out on a twentieth anniversary tour and maybe let the fans pick the set list. Even if it’s not necessarily a set list we’d be entirely comfortable with but as a thank you for giving us 20 years of staying with us and maybe even bringing out a song from the Throttle Junkies record or something which was our technically our début. I think we’ll do something very special. SoiL has always been a band for the people I believe, so we’ll always have input from the fans to make it something special…if we’re all still alive…haha! Which I hope to God we still are. 

You guys have been together for so long, you must have seen some pretty bizarre things. Wanna finish by giving us a tale from the road…
There’s plenty of them! Hmm, this is the first one that comes to mind. We were actually on tour in the states with Hed P.E .and were playing this club and there was no way of getting to the bathroom or the dressing room without going through the crowd and we had to go on soon.

Ryan had to have a piss really bad and the only thing he could do at the last moment was pee into a Captain Morgan’s rum bottle and he did that. He tightened it up and set it down and said no-one touch this! It’s my piss. So we play the show, we all forgot about the bottle. A while later our tour manager is sat with a cocktail drinking it and looking at it and he’s like – this doesn’t really taste right. So I ask what it was and he’s like Captain Morgan’s and coke and my face went ‘oh man’. He’s like. “taste this!” I’m refusing and he says…”it takes like butterscotch!”…and I’m like “dude, you better put that down. You’re drinking Ryan’s piss!”.

So he’s begging me not to tell anyone and so of course I had to tell everybody. So yeah, our tour manager who I won’t name went and made a cocktail out of Ryan’s piss rum. That is just one of many of the buffoonery things that happen on tour. 

Ha! So to finish, do you have a message that you wanna put out to your fans?
Oh yeah! Thank you so much for staying with this band. Me and Adam have been through it all and seeing everything we’ve been through and the only reason we’re still here today is because of the loyal fans that understand sometimes you lose members and sometimes things aren’t as great as they could be.

They’ve been with us through the good times and through the bad times also and it’s really great for me to be able to give them some more good times because I feel that the band is on the rise again and back where it needs to be. It’s evident in the crowds that are coming, we’ve had the same draw as we did back on the Scars record and that is telling us that our fan base is still very much alive. We have them to thank for still being able to do this! 

Whole is out now – click here to vist the SoiL website to grab it.