Another interview from Bloodstock Festival 2014. This time, Synaptik step up to play question roulette.

Which member got thrown out of a Cambridge Folk Festival event? And why? Read on to find out the disturbing facts!

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Hi guys, how’s it going?

We’re playing question roulette, please give the wheel a spin and see what we get… 36: What do you enjoy doing as a band, together, away from music?
John Knight: I think our solicitors have told us not to comment on that…
Pete Loades: We shouldn’t really be talking to each other now.
JK: No. I’ve got an injunction out on the lot of them…
PL: Sometimes he [JK] comes round to mine and vice versa but the other lot, they live so far away… that’s my excuse anyway.
Kev Jackson: Drinking. Film. Play on the XBox. Girls!
PL: Back-to-back wanking.
JK: Yeah, mutual masturbation, of course. That’s a given though, surely.

You are in a band, yeah.
JK: It’s lonely on the road…

35: Do any of you have secrets that you’ve been keeping from the other band members, because it’s something really annoying or that might wind them up
KJ: I love Pete’s hairy arse.
JK: It’s out there now.
PL: I used to be a woman.
KJ: That’s alright then Kev. Thing is, the one of the things we had – if you wanted to join the band, you had to have a hairy arse. Y’know. Gotta have a hairy ass and pull your pants down when doing backing vocals in the studio. It’s just one of those little things. All bands do that.
PL: Tiny secret, no one knows I’m that good on drums. That’s pretty much it.
JK: And they still won’t after today.


KJ: Our guitarist has arrived! Hello Jack.
Jack Murton: Hi.

32: What do you miss most about home when you’re on tour?
JK: My cats. My two cats. And my massive 3D TV. Yep. [long pause] Oh yeah and my missus of course.
KJ: Oh shit, oh yeah – all the girlfriends!
KJ: I’m in shit now.
KJ: All the Synaptik ladies are outside, they can’t get in here. [laughs]
JM: I miss my toilet and my fridge. They’re the two things I miss most.
JK: Don’t keep it bottled up.
KJ: I miss my free beer – I own a pub!

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Nice! 31: What could you not live without on tour?
PL: Really good toilet paper.
KJ: Mouthwash. Definitely. And my cowboy hat.
JK: My buttplug. It’s got me through a lot. And gone through a lot too.
KJ: He ingested it and it came out the other end.
JK: Yeah. Gonna do our own line of them. Synaptik Buttplugs.

When are those coming out?
JK: Probably about the same time as the album which comes out at the end of September.

9: What would you put on your rider if you could get away with it?
KJ: [To JK] Don’t say buttplug again.
PL: I do like Lazyboy chairs. Can I keep it afterwards? A nice sit down after playing a gig.
JK: What’s a rider? [laughs] We’re not at that level yet.
[?]: Drugs!
JM: Paracetamol…
PL: Probably a nice bottle of bourbon.
JK: WHOA. And get away with it? You naughty rockstar you, drinking alcohol. Wow.

29: If you could have a member from another band playing this weekend to come onstage during your set as a guest, who would you pick?
JK: I’d pick Eric AK from Flotsam and Jetsam – the singer. Awesome. I met him yesterday which was great. The last time I spoke to him was 1987 outside the Hammersmith – the last time they played in England – and I was stoked to see them again. But if it was someone else like a dream vocalist, I’ve actually been lucky enough to get my dream vocalist to guest on the album which is coming out at the end of September.

We got Alan Tecchio from the bands Watchtower, Hades, Seven Witches… bands like that. Been a good friend of his since 1990, and uh, he guested on the upcoming single. It was very cool.

16: Do you party hard at festivals or do you behave yourselves?
PL: Thursday I sort of hit it hard, yesterday took it nicely… today I’m pretty cool. See what happens after we play. Got a few more interviews to do yet so I’ll keep my head, y’know. Clear.
JK: Usually at festivals if we’re not playing we will get absolutely trashed and forget most of it. Wake up and miss all the bands. But this time I’ve only had a few pints, so I’ll make up for it after we play.

10: Please share your best festival memory with me.
JK: This one’s good. But… every ten years, we like to play a festival, right? [laughs] And me and Kev in a previous band, we were lucky enough to play Download. It wasn’t so much a good memory of the performance, but the free beer, hanging around backstage, meeting some real cool people, made some new friends – met Dimebag which was amazing – considering the tragedy that happened a few months later…

We got to get all our mates in too. Just a fun weekend and a ‘historic’ one because that was the time Lars Ulrich didn’t show up so we got all the drummers coming in and we heard all the other drummers coming in and jamming with Metallica backstage getting the set ready. That’s my best memory anyway.

PL: I once got kicked out of the Radio 2 tent at Cambridge Folk Festival.

[Everyone laughs]

PL: For wearing plastic tits, covered in shaving cream… apparently they didn’t have any Megadeth, so I got a bit arsy and they asked me to leave, tits in hand. So to speak.
[?]: Ian the guitarist turns up! Bit late mate…

Sorry, I was just about to close up! Obviously, you’ve got your album out at the end of September but do you have any touring plans right now?
JK: Nah, we don’t have any booking agents or anything like that, or a label like Century Media or Nuclear Blast… There’s a gap there for us! You know it. Get in contact. Or we’ll harass you until you give in. We’re there.

[The album] is called The Mechanisms Of Consequence. And it’s out on Rebel Tune Records. Big up for Jurgen, hello!

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