Progsters The Sun Explodes took a few minutes out to talk to us at Tech-Fest 2014.

They name the grumpiest member of the band, chat about their love of Disney Songs, and discuss being Superman with your er, ‘you know what’ out.

the sun explodes at uk tech fest 2014

Hi guys!
All: Hello!

Is everyone feeling good?
Alex Adamson: We’re very sunburnt… apart from that we’re great.
Mike Walker: Red and drunk.

Good combination – like a lobster.

So, we’re playing question roulette – 1-56, what we got?
Jamie Harris: 16

16: What lessons have you guys taught each other?
Dave Maclachlan: Apply suncream vigorously.
Mike Walker: I taught these guys about tech and djent, and all that kind of nonsense.
AA: That’s true actually. Since he came into the band, we’ve got much more involved in this scene, didn’t really know much [about it] before this, and now we’re here at this fest. Pretty cool.
MW: I was working as a promoter before joining this band… I first met Simon Garrod on a Nexilva tour and we sorta kept in contact from there… so we kept relations up from there, so that’s how we got into the scene.
DM: Definitely the biggest insight, I would think.
AA: Jamie taught me how to drink.
JH: How to drink and be irresponsible… like a drummer should.

That is your job…
JH: [laughs] yeah I guess so.

13: Do you have any tracks that you worry about playing live?
AA: No I don’t think so.
DM: There’s only one track I don’t like to play live, the title track of our recent album. I just don’t think it’s as good as the rest. But er, it’s not a dread by any means.
AA: There’s one song we play from our first album as well, called Honourbound. Everybody hates playing it just ‘cos we’ve played it so many times… we come to band practice like, “do we really have to play this?” And end up dicking about for a bit.
JH: For me, it’s just anything new. We pulled out a new song over the weekend. We weren’t worried, but if anything was gonna go wrong it’d be the new one. I think we pulled it off pretty well though.
All: Yeah.

41: Who’s the grumpiest band member…
All: Alex Harris.

What’s he particularly grumpy about? Everything?
DM: Well, yeah.
AA: I wouldn’t say grumpy is the right word, he’s just deadly serious about everything.
JH: When the sun shines it’s too hot, when it’s cloudy it’s too cold… when it’s rainy it’s too wet.
DM: Anal is the word. Overly anal.

the sun explodes at uk tech fest 2014 (2)

38: Have you ever played a prank on each other on-stage or backstage?
AA: I got pushed!
DM: That wasn’t on-stage though… the last time we were on tour we got a day off and went to see Dead Letter Circus in London. We were staying in Ashford, and we’re pissed up ‘cos we’ve been drinking all day. When we got back to Ashford train station, Alex was taking a piss in a bush. Other Alex sneaked up behind him and just pushed him. He didn’t struggle when he fell, he just fell flat into the bush in one fluid motion. As flat as you can get.
AA: I basically ended up doing a superman pose with my cock out.


JH: That was hilarious.
AA: If that happened on stage it’d be perfect.

I hope it never comes down to pissing on stage… 56: How do you balance your environmental impact when you’re travelling?
DM: We do carpool… we’ve only got grumpy Alex who drives everywhere. Probably the reason he’s so grumpy.
JH: We all try and fart within the car as well, so no methane goes out.
MW: And when we open the doors, it’s hell on earth. Death by odour.

32: Who would win in a fight? Meshuggah or your band?
JH: Meshuggah.
DM: We’re all soft as fuck. Apart from the Als.
MW: Meshuggah are a lot older than us actually.
AA: Yeah, they don’t have the stamina.
MW: We’d knacker Meshuggah. Deck ’em.
AA: Meshuggah, if you’re listening, any time and place!

1: What’s on your playlist in the car?

DM: We tend to listen to a lot of Disney records in the car… we all like so much different music we can never collectively enjoy one thing. I like to listen to bands like Nile and Dying Fetus. These guys aren’t into that.
AA: Disney is the only place where our interests cross.

What’s your favourite Disney song?
JH: Zero To Hero – Hercules. [laughs, begins singing it] Doesn’t get much better.

8: Say you’ve got your tour rider to sort out. What would you ask for if you could get away with it?
MW: Lots of beer.
AA: Beer.
MW: When I say beer, I mean all the beer.
JH: Some tasty ales.
DM: We don’t usually get women either so give us a fleshlight.


AA: Give us some women and a couple of bottles of [?].
DM: A friend from home was telling me that in [?] they’ve got these public fleshlights where you literally walk up off the street and it just jacks you off.
?: If someone put that right in front of me, I’d use it.


DM: Yeah definitely. Curiosity, eh?

You’d need one each though, surely?
MW: I’m not fucking sharing!
JH: Just give it a wash with bleach it’ll be fine.

27: What do you do to go on stage to get you hyped up?
MW: Drink a couple of beers and limber up. That’s pretty much it.
DM: Most shows we play we don’t have that much time, but here was pretty good. I generally like to set up and take five minutes to have a fag and chill out a bit. I find it quite stressful when you have to set up and play straight away.
AA: I’m the only one who wears make-up in the band so I have to disappear to go put my half-black-face on…

Putting your face on.
AA: Yeah [laughs]

I was worried for a second you were gonna say you had to disappear to use your fleshlight.

AA: I wish.
JH: We just like to get on and have a good time up there.

Thanks a lot for talking to me.

Download on a pay what you like basis, the 2013 offering from The Sun Explodes here:

the sun explodes at uk tech fest 2014