Having only been around since November of 2013, Brazil’s fledgling doomlords, JUPITERIAN, pulled off quite the coup in enlisting the help of James Plotkin for post production. He’s worked with the likes of Conan and Bongripper, so that can only bode well for their debut ARCHAIC, right?

As soon as the feedback clears leading into the EP’s title track, you’re greeted by a colossal wall of noise. OK, so perhaps its just your standard monotone, down tempo repetition that you’d find with any other band of this ilk. But then you hear a raw, guttural fury, which tears into your brain like a flesh eating parasite, but in the best way possible. After an intro of sorts, which hovers somewhere in between drone and doom in terms of ‘how slow can you go?’ Things get a little, ‘spicy’, shall we say. The music picks up pace, and gallops with the same force as 1000 stampeding wildebeest, and much like the Mufasa death scene in The Lion King, has a devastating impact.

Moving into ‘Precession Towards The Monolith’, things slow down a bit,and become more sludgy and murky. The riffs are so deep, it transports you to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, not literally of course, because you would die, and no one wants that. Jokes aside though, once you find the groove, it’s really hard to pull yourself away, it’s infectious in it’s own little gloomy way. The song trundles along like a strongman pulling a bus with his teeth, sure he’ll take a while to get going, but he’ll be damned if he doesn’t get there in the end.

Clocking in at a mighty 10:16, ‘Currents Of Io’ optimizes the word bleak. With the added help of samples consisting of astronomical discussions about Jupiter and it’s moons, it’s like imagining the absolute darkness of space, a black hole which sucks in anything which so happens to be in its general vicinity. The riffs are a lot deeper than before, as is the vocal delivery. This added gear is yet another robust side to Jupiterian’s sound. It’s a shame Archaic has only 3 songs, as I was really intrigued as to where they were going to go next. Never the less, that trio of songs is solid, and although a short offering it still delivers in so many ways.

Although not being the worlds biggest doom fan it must be said, there’s something about Jupiterian which makes me want to come back for more, and more still. With a new EP on the horizon, it’ll be interesting to see whether they can follow up to this already colossal milestone, because if they can, then prepare for a soundscape darker than anything in our known universe.